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The 11 Most Resilient Cities In America

The 11 Most Resilient Cities In America | Institutionnels |
The Rockefeller Foundation's resiliency challenge will give 11 American cities support to improve their ability to bounce back from disaster.

As more of the world's population moves into urban areas, and climate change increases the likelihood of flooding and extreme weather, cities all over the globe will need to strengthen their ability to withstand disasters.

This year, the Rockefeller Foundation is giving a few lucky cities a push with its 100 Resilient Cities challenge, which aims to give metropolises support to design and implement disaster contingency plans.

Via Lauren Moss, Stephane Bilodeau
ParadigmGallery's curator insight, December 5, 2013 3:52 PM

Interesting , informative post....

By nature, a city's ability to weather disaster is a design issue, one with plenty of potential for design solutions.....

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Top 6 Cities Leading The Green Building Revolution

Top 6 Cities Leading The Green Building Revolution | Institutionnels |

Find our which cities are leading the green building revolution--what's working and what they could do better.

Most people agree that green building makes sense–environmentally and financially, and we’re now designing buildings with materials and technologies that conserve energy automatically.


This infographic compares the efforts of six leading cities–New York, Vancouver, Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam and Stockholm–providing a bird’s eye view of  how cities are embracing the green revolution in the race to drastically reduce global CO2 emissions.

Via Lauren Moss
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