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These days, a Web app can be malware. Here’s what you need to know about this emerging threat, and what to watch for.



Tim Keanini, CTO of nCircle, says cyberattackers are talented, creative developers who are motivated to find innovative ways to part you from your money or information.


Typically, a malicious Web app is a form of Trojan horse: The app claims to be something else--and it may in fact run some legitimate utility or application--but once you click it, it runs malicious code in the background that may compromise your system or secretly download other malicious payloads from the Internet.
Speaking of Web apps, Camp warns, "While they allow increased functionality within the browser, users should be aware of how deeply into your system they may be able to reach."


===> Don't assume that you're safe if you avoid Microsoft Windows. Web apps do frequently target specific vulnerabilities, and Windows is often a primary focus, but Web apps--both benign and malicious--are fundamentally platform-agnostic. <===


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