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New Rules for Home Loans - Kiplinger Personal Finance

New Rules for Home Loans - Kiplinger Personal Finance | Buying a House |
New Rules for Home Loans
Kiplinger Personal Finance
New mortgage rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau cement in place the tough criteria for getting a home loan imposed after the mortgage meltdown.
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Five Questions for Barry Sternlicht on the Housing Recovery

Five Questions for Barry Sternlicht on the Housing Recovery | Buying a House |

Starwood Capital Group Chief Executive Barry Sternlicht has invested in nearly every corner of the real-estate world, from hotels to condos to shopping malls.

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Patrick Glaros's insight:

What's the reason for the housing recovery? Barry Sternlicht of Starwood Capital Group sums it up pretty well:


"The American dream is still to own your home. People are sensing perhaps that the subsidized interest rate curve that the government has created is going away. It won’t be here forever. So if you have the wherewithal to scrape together a down payment, all the sudden, all across the country you’re hearing that home prices are appreciating, so you’re stepping out and your buying a home. It’s like a rolling stone gathering moss. People are making no money on their cash. So if their home is going up at 5%, and they borrowed 80%, then they’re getting a 25% return on their equity. As an asset class, now that the world doesn’t look like it’s totally ending, people are taking their cash out of hibernation and buying homes."

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Crowdfunding comes to Real Estate Investing

Crowdfunding comes to Real Estate Investing | Buying a House |

Crowdfunding is rapidly changing the real-estate investment market, offering developers new ways to finance projects, small investors a way in, and the socially conscious an avenue to support their local communities.

Via Michael Stuart
Michael Stuart's curator insight, April 20, 2013 3:14 AM

A list of the real-estate crowdfunding firms

1. Fundrise –The company lets people invest in their local communities, earning profits while becoming socially involved.

2. Realty Mogul– Launched last month, this firm already has funded two deals (worth about $200,000) while raising $500,000 in seed money.

3. RealtyShares– This platform went on beta launch in November; it claims 289 investors intending to invest $1.5 million. As little as $500 can buy shares in commercial real estate, apartment buildings, and homes.

4. Fquare– The firm  lets you invest in pre-vetted farmland for as little as $5,000. Farmers sell their land for 3-6% annual interest on 5- to 20-year leasebacks; once the lease expires investors sell the land and share the profits.

5. Collaperty – The first real-estate crowdfunding network is still little more than social. It lists real-estate opportunities and connects investors . It currently has 79 members collaborating on 14 real-estate deals, and is raising $22,487,456 in equity.

6. Prodigy Network–  Prodigy has produced $8 billion in sales since its 2003 launch.

7. Primarq– The NASDAQ of residential real-estate equity has developed a platform where investors help consumers buy homes, and home-owners can monetize the value of their homes. It also offers a secondary market where investors can sell their shares without having to sell the actual properties.

8. Globerex– Still in beta, Globerex is focused exclusively on commercial real-estate deals of $500,000 to $50 million. Users can create and track deals involving their own investors or those in the Globerex community.

9. CrowdMason– Also, in beta testing, CrowdMason is very basic, letting members identify and monitor commercial real-estate deals, in which sponsors will be required to make significant investments of their own equity.

10. iFunding–This firm chooses real-estate projects for you and shares the profits. For a $1,000 minimum, members can buy into any piece of the site’s portfolio of multi-family, hospitality, office, and residential properties.

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Disappointed I didn't think of this... 

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Billionaire Goes on Home-Buying Spree

Billionaire Goes on Home-Buying Spree | Buying a House |
A new player has stepped into the single-family rental pool, snatching up homes by the thousands to turn into rentals.
Patrick Glaros's insight:

There is big money piling into residential real estate.  Is that a good or bad thing?

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