Critical Explorers: Inquiry-Based Curricula and Teaching | Butterflies in my head |

Critical Explorers, a non-profit organization, creates and shares inquiry-based curricula and teaching approaches that support critical exploration in public school classrooms. Critical exploration is a teaching and research method suitable for teachers and learners of all ages, both in and out of schools.
Critical exploration in the classroom, a particular approach to teaching, learning, and curriculum, was originated by professor Eleanor Duckworth. A teacher practicing critical exploration selects materials to engage students directly with the subject matter, invites students to express their thoughts, and listens carefully, following the students’ thinking in order to determine what to do next to help them to think more deeply. Thus, curriculum is created or adapted as the teacher nurtures a material environment and intellectual community in which students can take their own thoughts further.

For an introdutory lecture by Eleanor Duckworth on their work check ;