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Rescooped by Natalie Stewart from Australian Culture!

Monorail swan song

Monorail swan song | Business Updates |

Tomorrow, a boldly futuristic transport system begun by an aspirational Sydney twenty-five years ago is relegated to the pages of history.  In ‘An Ode To A Troubled City Icon’, Luke Hopewell relives the magic and reveals where it all went wrong.


“It has been raining in Sydney all week: a city weeps quietly for its fallen icon in a sad ode to progress played out in a pitter-patter orchestra on the carriage roof.”


It was the capitalistic model that killed the monorail – not the conceptual one.  After a buyback last year, the NSW State Government could have torn that up and delivered free transport, giving the same good vibes and tourist boost Melbourne gets with the City Circle Tram.  Sydney residents will have plenty of time to be sore that it didn’t... all of the future.

Via Ben @ausculture
Jemma Tanner's curator insight, October 28, 2013 9:29 AM

As this is an event that has taken place in history, I feel as though it's appropriate to use as an example in the classroom of how our society is always developing and improving. When I went to Sydney, I never used the monorail simply because it was inconvenient and expensive. Talking about experiences with your students can help to put into perspective reasons why things happen - such as the monorail being taken down.

Rescooped by Natalie Stewart from Transformations in Business & Law!

Introducing the Five Archetypes of Organizational Culture Online Course

Introducing the Five Archetypes of Organizational Culture Online Course | Business Updates |
ALISON Free Online Courses: Introducing the Five Archetypes of Organizational Culture...

This course will be of great interest to business leaders and managers who are growing a business or organization and who want to develop and grow a workplace culture that will benefit both their employees and customers.

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