Listening Skills: Are You Really Hearing What Customers and Colleagues Are Saying to You? | BUSINESS and more |

"Listening is one of the key ingredients of the most successful performers and the downfall of poor performers. This good article provides 6 tips to help you become a better listener."


Another set of great points about listening -- the first skill to master in effective storytelling.


Is there anything I would add to this list? Only to reiterate that in most conversations we are not really listening -- we are instead having a conversation with ourselves about what we are going to say in response, the piece of advice we are going to give, or the idea we are going to share.  


When you listen delightedly however, when you are there to listen the best possible 'story' out of someone, your world shifts and real gems emerge.  So read this article and practice better listening.

Via Daniel Watson, Karen Dietz