5 Ways To Battle Social Media Fatigue | BUSINESS and more | Scoop.it

Maybe the numbers aren’t rolling in as much as you would like. That tweet you sent out isn’t getting the same number of CTR’s as the same tweet would a month ago, or you’ve simply ran out of ways to write about improving the Twitter experience.


I know how you feel; I’ve been through it a few times before. All the tweets in your timeline are looking the same, and the tweets you are sending out aren’t improving the situation.


You’re in a rut, tired, and ready to call it quits. There’s nothing wrong with feeling this way, and it is often times an unspoken truth amongst the Twitterati. So how do you battle through this stage of your social media management and experience? Here are a few tips that I’ve found help a lot, and keep you going when nothing is looking up...