Death to procrastination: Use the 4-day win to get your goals moving | BUSINESS and more |

It has been 15 days since dawn of the New Year and you may be like me: running around like a rabbit on a 5-shot latte, skittering between the computer keyboard, stacks of books and piles of paper. At this point in the calendar, one of two things usually happens:


1. You power through your goals and objectives, meeting timelines like a well-oiled Swiss train, confident that this year, like last, you will keep your word and complete all your resolutions
2. You look at the piles on your desk, pinch the roll of fat at your waist, stare at the blank page on your computer screen and say: “LOSER! Once again, you have proven that you have less initiative than a slug in a salt factory. Now go shove some cookies in your mouth, PRONTO!”


By making your goals broad and far-reaching, you guarantee that they will be immediately sabotaged by your inner meanie.


What’s the alternative?...