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Download MakeUseOf Guides

Download MakeUseOf Guides | BUSINESS and more |

The only thing you have to do is to subscribe to the weekly newsletter. I have downloaded several from this ebooks they have really great content and they are free... :-) [note mg]

Below you will find over 50 high quality guides covering wide variety of topics. From a dummy guide to build your own computer to an easy encryption guide. All free. Enjoy! Share them with everyone!

To download them you just need a password. Simply subscribe to weekl MakeUseOf Newsletter using your email below to get it. The password will be instantly emailed to you once you have confirmed your subscription.

(That's not all! You will also get access to MakeUseOf Cheat Sheets)

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Ebook Security - Protect Your Ebooks from Piracy

Ebook Security - Protect Your Ebooks from Piracy | BUSINESS and more |
The Virtual Vault is an affordable ebook security solution that protects your PDF and EXE downloads from illegal file sharing.


Protect ALL Your Ebooks and Prevent Ebook Piracy

with the Click of a Button!


If you're thinking about pinching pennies by selling your ebook without using an ebook security solution, you might want to think again.. All it takes is one person who legitimately purchases your ebook and then turns around and shares it with their friends, relatives, and co-workers. They, in turn, share it with their friends, relatives, and co-workers, and so on and so forth. The end result? Literally thousands of pirated, unpaid for copies of your ebook are being circulated around the Internet!


Ebook Piracy Costs Authors Thousands of Dollars in Lost Sales...

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Concerned about Facebook privacy? Disconnect blocks sites from tracking your data

Concerned about Facebook privacy? Disconnect blocks sites from tracking your data | BUSINESS and more |

With Facebook under pressure regarding privacy concerns, more and more users are becoming concerned about what information third-party sites have access to and how much of it they retain. If you’re one of these users who likes using Facebook and Twitter but prefer to keep your cookies in check, then you may be interested to hear about Disconnect.

Disconnect was created by three former Google employees who wanted to continue using Facebook but had concerns about their privacy policy. Their extension prevents sites and search engines such as Google, Facebook and Twitter from tracking your online activity while you surf the web.

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