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FREE Stock Photos | Stock Photo Feeds

FREE Stock Photos | Stock Photo Feeds | BUSINESS and more |

How do I find a free stock photo?

The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search Tool ad-don for firefox (now also available for chrome) helps you to find any image you need for free. It has access to search over 200 free image sites, and in total helps you get quick and easy access to about half a billion images (yes, that’s billion with a B). The rest of this article discusses the reasons for, uses of and issues surrounding the use of free stock images for your project. If you just want to download it click the big logo and download the free stock photo search addon from mozilla addons or chrome extension gallery.

What exactly is a ‘free’ stock photo?

There are generally considered to be two types of ‘free’ on the internet, most often the distinction is found made by open-source projects and is commonly analogised by the following:

  • Free as in Beer
  • Free as in Speech

This difference is known as Gratis versus Libre: If someone gave you free beer (Gratis), you would have the right to drink it, ie. to ‘use’ it, but not the right to setup a competing brewery producing that same beverage. By comparison free speech (Libre) is the fundamental freedom to share ideas or knowledge gained, so you can do pretty-much anything you like with it...

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Amazing set of features launched by Facebook since Google + launch

Amazing set of features launched by Facebook since Google + launch | BUSINESS and more |

It’s just over 3 months since Google dropped the bombshell that it was launching their own social network and inevitably the attention immediately switched to Facebook to see what they would do in counter the launch. Facebook were initially quiet but they went in to their famous “Lockdown” phase and started rolling out a whole host of new features many of which were lightly “inspired” by Google +. If anything the launch by Google seems to have helped accelerate the development cycle at Facebook with the main beneficiaries being the end users who are getting an improved service. Whatever way you look at it and despite the fact that Facebook were working on some of this stuff before anyway you can’t but be impressed at the staggering response to the launch of Google + by Facebook…

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List of Free Stock Photo Sites

List of Free Stock Photo Sites | BUSINESS and more |

Getting images for free is great, and there is a lot of choice out there, but sourcing images from a free site can have its drawbacks, the license that the images are provided with is different on every site you use. Some sites prohibit commercial use of the image, most require an attribution, some require you register or signup to a newsletter to access the images, some ask that you seek permission first etc.


A word of warning: Expecting that nobody will notice if you make use of an image that you just take without permission is foolish, tools like TinEye make it free and easy to find who has used an image without permission, and stock agencies like getty and others use paid services like track image misuse, bill the offender, taking legal action if images are not removed. If you are using images without the correct license, someone will catch up with you sooner or later. here's a typical forum quote "I currently have a demand from getty images for $1200 over an image I hot-linked to in a blog entry 2 years ago."


With that in mind, here's our definitive list of resources providing free stock photos with a table of comparisons:...

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Martin Gysler's comment, December 19, 2011 4:49 PM
Wow, an amazing list, thanks for the share!