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If you're a speaker, you should read this post. It's about; "what to do" in five various situation as a speaker. It's interesting and could give you new ideas in this area. [note Martin Gysler]

I just returned from a good meeting.

Everyone was engaged, no one dominated (unless it made sense because of specific expertise), and every speaker followed up to check for understanding. It was more like sitting around a warm fireplace in winter than a typical business meeting. So, it made me think about the planning that went into it and how it was led.

If you've struggled through more than a few bad meetings, I'm guessing you've experienced the following traps. Here they are and how to fix them.

1) People think they are experts.

2) People think they are inspiring.

3) People think others agree with them.

4) People think others are clairvoyant.

5) People think meetings are necessary.

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