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In today's social-media obsessed world, there are many analytical tools and companies to help you measure your online influence. was one of the first on the scene in September 2009, measuring -- on a scale of 1 to 100 -- your online influence on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Since launching, the company added LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare and most recently Google + to its algorithm. A company's "klout scores" have been used to target influencers and provide perks ranging from Hollywood studio film premiere tickets to Spotifyinvites.

While Klout has pretty much owned the social-media influence market, some are questioning the reliability of the company's data and "score."

Enter, Kred, which is a social-media scoring system that seeks to measure a person's online influence. But Kred, which was created by the San Francisco-based social analytics firm PeopleBrowsr, attempts to also measure a person or company's engagement, or as they call it, outreach. PeopleBrowsr hopes that that combination can offer a more informed metric for non-celebrities like entrepreneurs and those whom they follow and look to for advice...