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100 of the Most Inspiring Business Videos on YouTube

100 of the Most Inspiring Business Videos on YouTube | BUSINESS and more |

If you need some new inspiration, you should check out this website and the list that they offer... it's great for new motivation. [note mg]

YouTube is filled with inspirational videos of all types, including those created by businesses or individuals looking to inspire others to succeed. Let’s look at 100 of the most inspiring business videos ever placed on this site.

  • Great Inspirational Tips for Business Success
  • Home Business Inspiration
  • Humorous Business Inspiration
  • Inspirational Business Quotes and Poems
  • Motivational Speakers and Keynote Addresses
  • Pop Culture Inspiration
  • Success Stories
  • Women in Business Inspiration

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Scooped by Martin Gysler!

10 Powerful Productivity Tips You Can Practice

10 Powerful Productivity Tips You Can Practice | BUSINESS and more |

What actions describe the remarkably productive? What routines, principles, and tactics establish a few people persistently more productive than the rest?

First, what exactly productivity is? The definition may vary from person to person. Mine goes like this…


Productivity is getting right work done in time, every time — by managing your resources quite well.


Getting yourself engaged with some work at hand isn’t alone being productive. It’s all in the end result. How efficiently you done it matters more, be it your office work or your home chores.


You might be finding yourself many times that you’re sweating all day for nothing. Whereas uber-productive folks can concentrate on result-oriented work as they’re smart enough to differentiate productivity from just being busy. Habitually the baby step in doing right things is finding and decimating the clutters that consume your precious time and efforts...

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