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To be a freelancer is sometimes a hard job. It need a lot of qualities and perseverance to be it for long time... What I like in this post, is that it speak not only about the advantages but also about the disavantages. [note mg]

With more and more workers turning to freelancing, you may wonder whether you should freelance. Are you ready? What is the best path to take to become a freelancer?

In this post, I’ll identify five different routes people take to freelancing. I’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Path 1. Right After College

Faced with a weak job market, many new graduates turn to freelancing to find employment. There are some positives and negatives to freelancing right out of school.

Here are three advantages to freelancing right out of college:...

Path 2. After Working for Someone Else

Path 3. As a Part-timer

Path 4. Job Loss

Path 5. A Need for Flexibility

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