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One Reason Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Money

One Reason Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Money | BUSINESS and more |

According to one estimate, 3 million posts will be published today. Approximately 540,000 of these posts were written by professional bloggers trying to transition their audience from reading to buying. Others hope their posts are compelling enough to prompt a return visit.

However, most bloggers aren’t making a dime from their blog.

The reasons why haunt each blogger every night. Are they passionate enough? Are they engaging enough? Surprisingly, these are the wrong questions to ask.

The reason why most blogs don’t make money can be traced back to one decision (or lack of one).

The World is My Audience

Social media is the most egalitarian marketing discipline since broadcast media. Bloggers naturally feel that everyone is interested in their topic. You rarely hear people wondering if they have the right readers. They just assume that they do. Even when they think about their reader’s characteristics, it’s done on a surface level.

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Why Your Brand Needs To Be More Visible On Facebook

Why Your Brand Needs To Be More Visible On Facebook | BUSINESS and more |
Traditional marketing still works, but working smarter means your brand maintains high visibility on the pages of Facebook.


The numbers are in — and they’re high. More than 800 million users have declared Facebook their digital home and anyone with a brand should be forging it on the social network.


Of those nearly billion users, half of them are actively trolling Facebook each and every day, making Facebook the poster child of the old saying, “if you build it they will come.”


And, apparently keep on coming, with 50 million users discovering the social utility every two months. Additionally, 350 million mobile users log on each day...

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Social Media Marketing Checklist

Social Media Marketing Checklist | BUSINESS and more |

While putting together a presentation recently, I assembled a simple check list of considerations for a social media marketing effort. We’ve written quite a bit about developing a social media roadmap, strategy and measurement in the past, but there are some important questions to answer when it comes to realizing what’s involved. Companies can test and run tactics in silos but eventually, there will come a time when efforts need to be coordinated.


You may notice that this checklist isn’t that concerned with SEO. Don’t take that to mean Search Engine Optimization isn’t to be heavily considered with a social media marketing effort. At the same time, not all social media efforts need to be SEO focused.

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Making Money Vs Making a Name: Which One Is More Profitable? -

Making Money Vs Making a Name: Which One Is More Profitable? - | BUSINESS and more |

Every single person in the world has an innate desire to feel important, to matter, to count.


No matter how we look at it, recognition from the outside world plays a tremendous part in how we feel about ourselves.


This desire or even necessity to feel respected carries into almost every nook and cranny of our lives, including our online business.


And this begs a question that’s been haunting me for a while now:


Would you rather be recognized as a true authority in your niche, invited to speak at conferences and give interviews, asked for opinions, etc., but not necessarily see much monetary gain from all this recognition…
being a nobody in the blogging world, but quietly making a nice income from your online business?
Fame or money, in other words?...

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