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An excellent article. I love the structured approach who is easy to use for us all. If you follow the advice provided in this post, the things will be done more easely, for sure! [note mg]

Q1, 2012 is in the record books. What…you haven’t accomplished all that you planned; WHAT…hardly anything? Oh, my!

Well, the good news is you’re hardly alone. In fact, you’re in the majority. We really are a species of habitual procrastinators. So, apparently, you fit right in. After all, most of us do like to feel as if we’re one of the crowd.

Now for the bad news, if you had planned to accomplish X, and didn’t, you bargained with the devil. You repeatedly forfeited some portion of your future success, abundance, and/or happiness for some short-term pleasure or comfort. Hardly a fair exchange, although at the time it may have seemed so.

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