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How to Build a New Startup in 5 Strategic Steps

How to Build a New Startup in 5 Strategic Steps | Business Tips |

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If you want to start a business -- start with some strategic steps.

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Can You Start Charging For Your New Online Service From Day One?

Can You Start Charging For Your New Online Service From Day One? | Business Tips |



Via Robin Good
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Better have a good plan in place to manage your online sales.

Robin Good's curator insight, August 6, 2013 11:01 AM

Christian Rennella has an interesting article on ESBJournal, analyzing three fundamental aspects that, in his view, define the failure or successof an online startup. These are:

1) Does what you are developing resolve a real issue?

2) Would customers be willing to pay for it in the medium and long term?

3) Is there space for future growth?

And I can't but agree with his assessment that the best business model that can be adopted today by a new online startup is monthly subscriptions.

Interesting. 7/10

Full article: 

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Kim Golez's curator insight, August 9, 2013 12:42 PM

You got a point here man hehe

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Living The Dream When You Have No Money

Living The Dream When You Have No Money | Business Tips |
When Cash Is Tight When Pursuing Your Passion - Image Credit : Payday Loans (Flickr) Have you ever love to pursue your dream and follow the path of been on

Via Martin (Marty) Smith, Agnipravo Sengupta
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It is possible to live your dream -  I've started several businesses with no money.  No one ever said that you need to buy advertising or find a service or product that cost upfront money.  Be creative - start small and then build your dream - whether it's a business or a different lifestyle.  Look for free resources that will guide you toward making your dream happen.  Don't stash your dream in a closet or basement - put your dream on paper and then let the world know about it.  Only you can make it happen!

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, August 21, 2013 10:47 AM

Great Money or Your Life Advice
Take it from a cancer survivor to READ and LIVE Mayowa's advice. Among my "life lessons" are many of the examples and truths shared here. Here are a few "hard won" lessons I would add:

* There is ALWAYS enough money.
* You have everything you need NOW (so don't wait).
* When in doubt SIMPLIFY.

* Share, Share and SHARE (good and bad).
* Friends ROCK so cherish, value and reward them.

* Failure happens (don't STOP or SLOW DOWN).
* HUMBLE (works when you have NOTHING or SOMETHING).
* LOVE (life is too short not to love what you do and who you are doing it with).

I've gone broke several times. Right now I'm betting the farm and my 401k for the 4th time (and giving most of my time, energy and money away to learn how to help cure cancer). GIVE until you are desparate and then give some more. Giving when you have NOTHING is the true gift.

You will NOT starve or be homeless. The WORST thing is death and taken from one who stares at the Big C on a regular basis death isn't all its cracked up to be (lol). If you live in fear you don't live.

Don't let the "sing around the fire" sound of my advice deny the hard realities you may face at this moment. Life can be TOUGH and HARD (trust me I know), but put the headphones on and DO SOMETHING even if it the wrong thing.

The world is divided between those who can DO things and those who aspire to do things. As Seth Godin says, "Artists SHIP" so simplify, fail and SHIP (and keep shipping).

If an experience doesn't kill you it makes you stonger and if it does kill you back off a tad (lol). Great advice here, advice I've lived and am living and nothing quickens your heart as much as loving what you do and making a difference. When in doubt HELP PEOPLE and you will never starve :).  

Ajisafe Mayowa's comment, September 1, 2013 6:09 PM
Thanks all for the rescoops
harish magan's comment, September 2, 2013 1:53 AM
Hi, thanks to you for contributing, please keep it up
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4 Ways to Grow Your Customer Base

4 Ways to Grow Your Customer Base | Business Tips |
Startups use social media and blogging to generate early usage and set the stage for customer growth.

Once your startup hits the market, there’s reason to celebrate — but this is only the beginning. The next step is growth, either indirectly through user acquisition or by bringing in additional customers. You know your product is performing well and has a few happy users or customers, so how do you get the word out?

Via Natalie Stewart
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