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According to a recent survey by Cision, published in November 2013, 96% of journalists use social media on a daily basis.


The role of journalists is changing. They have a role in finding and filtering content, curating, interviewing influencers, verifying stories, adding context and also adding content such as tweets or videos from eyewitnesses to news stories. This helps explain why a third of journalists in the survey spent over 2 hours a day on social media.


The survey found that journalists typically use social media in one of five ways as follows:

- monitoring

- sourcing

- verifying

- networking

- pub & promoting.


The proliferation of social networks can be overwhelming for journalists. However, many of the social media tools used frequently by marketers can also be very helpful to journalists to manage their time efficiently. Below is a list of free social media tools that can be useful for journalists....

Via Jeff Domansky