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Oh, how clever this store owner is! Her NY City boutique changes its concept every 3-4 weeks in order to tell a different story. 

In fact, each table or shelf serves as a narrative that unfold before your eyes -- or at least that is what the article says.

The owner envisions her space like a magazine (now how creative is that?!) and each issue tells a unique story. She selects her products for sale so they are relevant to the story.

There are other great insights here about storytelling and retail so go ahead and read the entire article. Here's the link: 

So who is in NY who can check this out and let us know if what this retail space is doing rises to the level of 'narrative'? 

I sure hope [Story] does -- because I think it is a brillian idea!

Post your comments below once you've visited the shop or if you have other thoughts :)

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at 

***** Cool idea. My ex used to change her stor, the store at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, on the same schedule too. Many times she wouldn't have new merchandise, but new placement made differnet things pop. What she understood was context creates narrative. Reading this made me think of a special retail talent - everything is a story.

Via Karen Dietz, Martin Sturmer