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Stories - Why So Important NOW

Stories - Why So Important NOW | BI Revolution |

Stories Matter
It is easy to find content about how HOT stories and storytelling have become. I included links to my favorite storytelling coach and mentor Karen Dietz (@Kdietz) in the piece.

The post also explores the trickiest part of storytelling. Marketers, a group of type A communicators, must tell stories with intent now. The real intent is to create the trust needed to have a conversation.

You see the rub. We tell stories to share our vulnerability and the LISTEN and CURATE the stories of others. Stepping back takes courage, discipline and storytelling’s so sure of their cause and abilities they have nothing to prove

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5 Vital Facebook Reports Every Community Manager Should Know

5 Vital Facebook Reports Every Community Manager Should Know | BI Revolution |
Learn how Facebook Insights reports and public data sources can help you understand, at a granular level, the way your community consumes the stories you create, your fans demographic information, and how users are engaging with your competitors.
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