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Channeling Randy Pausch
I am stealing Randy's amazing idea for my "Last Lecture" this December. We have plans to rent a hall and invite 5 speakers + me to share my "last lecture".

I "retire" in 2014 and, like Randy, I have cancer (doing fine just want to focus efforts on working for me :). I "retire" to work on my @StoryofCancer foundation, write a book and break the demands of the 9 to 5 (which can be a little exhausting at times as we all know :). 

If you have ideas for great speakers I should invite please share. Here are some ideas I have from people I know (some are friends some I've met here or there):

@DavidAmerland - great author and fellow Save The World marketing guru. 

@MarkTraphagen - great friend and preeminent Google Plus expert. 

@1918 (Phil Buckley) - best SEO / visionary I know and a fellow New Marketing Leader ( ).

@BillRoss - other best SEO I know and a great friend running SEO for an agency in Chicago. 

@Gdecugis - CEO of and a brilliant generous man. 

@AllyGreer - Amazing community manager for Guillaume at, too good. 

@ThisIsSethsBlog  Seth Godin - worked with Seth for a day many years ago and he is good friends with my friend Red Maxwell. Seth has also been a MENSH supporter of my cancer research projects.

@OnRampBranding - Red Maxwell - I think of Red as the "Brand Doctor" everyone needs and a true Internet marketing visionary. 

@LizWilson2 - Liz Wilson is an amazing curator and friend. 

@CrhisBrogan - Met Chris at the inbound marketing conference last year and he has been a generous supporter of Story of Cancer


@maxOz - austrialan curator and uber-content marketer Michele Smorgon.  

Marty Tenebaum - Founder of Cancer Commons - Met Marty and his team a couple of weeks ago and love what he is doing.  

Jesse Lipsom - great founder and leading Triangle entrepreneur I interviewed for Technorati. 

@1TalkingMoose - Nikol Murphy is creating Meeting 3.0, entrepreneur and founder of Talking Moose Media. 


@GregoryNg - Great conversion / branding expert and creator of and highly respected friend of friends. 

@JimEwel and @JohnCass - the generous fathers of Agile Marketing who I worked with last year in San Francisco and formed an immediate bond with.  

@MazKessler - founder of @WECatapult, a crowdfunding platform for girls, married to my Choate classmate Rob Kilgore, and one of the inspiration for @CureCancerStart.  

@TriangleSF - Chris Heivly and Dave Neal - the fathers of startup entrepreneurship in the Triangle. 

@AmandaPalmer - Don't know rocker Amanda but want to (lol), my friend Red Maxwell knows Amanda. I was BLOWN AWAY by her TED talk.

@TBM66294 Frank Pollock - teacher, fellow former Consumer Products marketing and brilliant branding champion. 

@DZoneRick - Rick Ross founder of and AnswerHub (best Q&A solution on market) and a good friend. 

Rebecca Lieb (@lieblink) and Brian Solaris (@BrianSolis)

- Rebecca is a classmate from Vassar and it doesn't get much more brilliant than these two. 

Eric & Cynthia Garrison - Great and generous entrepreneurs of and

John Gaston - a good friend and fellow cancer survivor who knows how to LAUGH at life. 

@Marketing Hits and @AtDotComSocial - Brian Yanish and John Van den Brink - two great freinds and marketers from 

@KarlSakas - friend, teacher, great speaker and awesome Internet marketer. 

@KDHungerford Kelly Hungerford - brilliant community and content curator for @SmallRivers (the amazing team). 

@Gilliatt - Nathan Gialliat - friend who, along with Tola, was the first person to speak about social marketing in an intelligent, meaningful way years before anyone else. 

Mike McTaggert - friend, entrepreneur and brilliant mind forming a new kind of selling @Atlanticbt as I write this.  

Tola Oguntoyinbo - Friend, fellow preppie and the very first person to "productize" social media marketing with his SoneCast idea. 

@ByronWhite - fellow cancer survivor and CEO of 

@JuntaJoe - Joe Pulizzi the father of content marketing, entrepreneur, creator of Content Marketing World and the Content Marketing Institute. I met Joe at his amazing event.

@David_Rose - author of one of my favorite books, Managing Content Marketing. I've met David at Joe's CMWorld and at the Inbound Marketing Conference in SF.   

and so on. I am blessed with amazing, brilliant and good looking friends (lol).

This is my DREAM team. Some of these people will be BOOKED or unavailable or will say, "Marty who," when I ASK (lol). I know how important dreams are since one of mine put me on a bicycle for 60 days as we road across America in the summer of 2010. 

Will be hard narrowing to 5 speakers. Everyone on this list (and it isn't done I am just tired lol) have some connection to me or FOMs (Friends of Marty's) for The Ask. 

We will have MANY things to celebrate by this December. (   will be UP, my Save The World Marketing book will be published (fingers crossed on this one) and Christmas will be right around the corner.  There will be much to celebrate. 

Need Your Help
We are going to rent a hall, fill it and pass the hat for cancer research. Our hope is to have a special event for my "Last Lecture". Stay tuned as we finalize details and let me know YOUR IDEAS for a great speaker (only include people you know or feel comfortable asking if I don't know them). 

Thanks. Marty 


 PS. Any brilliant friends I missed, don't worry I am just taking a lunch break (lol). You know me will ASK anyone for ANYTHING these days :).M

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