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A Brief History of Time and Social Signals In Google

A Brief History of Time and Social Signals In Google | BI Revolution |

Social signals are paving the way for the future of search, but just how much influence might they have on the SERPs?

Marty Note
The SERPs are something different than when I started this Internet marketing gig in 1998. If you are going to be an Internet marketer now with all of its implicaitons you must understand how social signals do and don't play in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

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Creating the Desire for Change

Creating the Desire for Change | BI Revolution |

When change in the way your business operates becomes inevitable, it is imperative that you create in your employees, the desire for participating in the process of effecting the required change.

We all know that resistence to proposed change, is one of the biggest stumbling blocks faced by managers, in introducing any significant change in a business. Creating desire for the change in your employees is a key step in ensuring that the necessary change is successfully introduced.

This excellent article, outlines 5 actionable outcomes needed to efffectively introduce any change, and suggests 5 strategies for creating the desire in your employees for the change process to be successful.

Via Daniel Watson
Sharifah Raudhah AlQudsy's curator insight, May 4, 9:43 AM

Yes I believe we should not jump the gun without first creating and stimulating desire to change.