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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Klout Getting Better & Better

Klout Getting Better & Better | BI Revolution |

Marty Note
If you haven't checked your Klout score recently you should. Not just because your Klout score is a good indication on your "ding the universe" mission, but also because the Klout-ers are building some cool tools.

I just used their content scheduler for the first time. I liked the ease of putting 3 Tweets into queue and their content suggestions were excellent. I have to dig around mountains of ants and termites to find content half as good.

Also like their people suggestions. Going to be interesting to see if their people recommendations follow back or if they are so big following back little munchkins (like moi) is beyond them. The recommendations were relevant and cool, so, much like their content suggestions, easy and powerful people to follow suggestions.

The tool is improving at a rapid rate (Kudos) and their focus on EASY and painless is much appreciated. So go check your Klout score and ping me and I will send you Klout Perks or kudos or whatever the hell we trade in there (lol). M

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Saving World One Tweet At A Time - 6 Social Influencers via @Fastcompany

Saving World One Tweet At A Time - 6 Social Influencers via @Fastcompany | BI Revolution |
When the news of the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., unfolded across social networks and a host of online news sites, Pat Mitchell took to Twitter.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

As an upstart social marketer social media's cause marketing promise hasn't felt realized. What we know is the common fire syndrome, clustering around the fire in times of need, works. This Fast Company article chronicles how six social activists are realizing social media marketing's promise. Are these six examples harbingers of a New Altruism via social media? Let's hope.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Learning To Tell Time: 5 Internet Marketing Time Tips via @Curagami

Learning To Tell Time: 5 Internet Marketing Time Tips via @Curagami | BI Revolution |

Time Management
Time is a TACTIC many Internet marketers forget or don't fully utilize. Here are 5 ways we've learned to tell time:

Time Tip #1: What's Happening NOW?
The web is becoming more and more obsessed with what is happening now. Why? Not sure and who cares (lol). The closer to "real time" your content the more authentic and real it becomes. We use this in our favor in three ways:

* Note and share when content is scaling fast.
* Records are important even when they are YOUR records. Fastest, biggest, most are valuable words in Internet marketing. They are also TIME based. Use fast, faster, fastest to help your content scale.
* Now slips away, but using time parameters provides benchmarkes and scale. Earlier I Tweeted about a Haiku Deck that reached 225 views the fastest and then included (12 hrs).

Time Tip #2: Use History 
The web's time is always NOW, but you can create interesting juxtapositions with the past. When your following reachers the NY Times 1950 subscription level NOTE IT. When you compare a modern web EVENT to a past "real world" event you gain gravitas and understanding. BTW, good luck finding NYT circulation in 1950.

Time Tip #3: Process Is Product
Easy to forget that whatever you are doing NOW is, when published and shared, a product. This is why I like multiple publishing platforms (blogs,, G+ are my most frequently used platforms). Sharing your process as close to CREATION as possible brings the NOW into your content (see tip #1).  

Time Tip #4:  Redux Is Truth
We lucky few Internet marketers are like scientists. We test, test and test content, ideas and memes. When you find something that pops DOUBLE DOWN and keep doubling down (publishing a post about the post, publishing a II or III version) until you exhaust upside. Once you reach the point of diminishing return make a note and move on. First time ANYTHING can be a fluke. If you can repeat the same or better results over and over you've found EVERGREEN content you need to OWN. 

Time Tip #5: Don't Forget TIME Is In The Web's Algorithm
Everyday millions of things happen online (maybe billions). With that much NEW going on TIME becomes a way to TRUST you (or not). every day you build or lose clout, reputation and status (authority). Crying over yesterday's losses is foolish and expensive. Gear up, learn and move on. Always remember you can't do anything TODAY the web won't remember TOMORROW.  

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