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What is the difference between a Repository and a CMS (Content Management System)?

Marty Note
I liked this article because it explains a new world - library science. As an Internet marketer I want every piece of content in play at all times. If you are a law firm or scientist you may only want a small piece of your content universe to be spiderable. There are some exceptions to "process is product". 

http://scenttrail.blogspot.com/2009/11/process-is-product.html ;

 Exceptional verticals such as medicine, science and law may need a data repository, a secure environment backed up more ways than loss can be created. When every comma counts over time repositories are vaults with a "data warehouse" feel. 

CMS is closer to the surface and more active. CMS needs a User Interface (UI) that a team can easily learn to populate, update and maintain the information (data) inside the Content Management System. Data is iterative and in constant motion from a variety of sources (users, admins, copywriters, merchandisers, analysts, managers).

Management is as it implies an active interaction. Repository is as it sounds, cold storage with limited access probably controlled by a priesthood that speaks a special language. Repositories have data schemas and access is controlled by security, the complexity of the retrieval process and encryption (possibly).  

Via Luciana Viter, Ana Maria Franco