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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from SEO 101 for Marketers!

META DESCRIPTIONS - Why There Is Value in Using Meta Description

META DESCRIPTIONS - Why There Is Value in Using Meta Description | BI Revolution |
While search engines may not pay attention to the content for the purpose of showing a page they all show some sort of description in the search results

Via Peg Corwin
Peg Corwin's curator insight, October 6, 2013 3:38 PM

Think of the META DESCRIPTION TAG of each website page as an AD for your business.  Click to see tips for writing good meta descriptions.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Stories - Why So Important NOW

Stories - Why So Important NOW | BI Revolution |

Stories Matter
It is easy to find content about how HOT stories and storytelling have become. I included links to my favorite storytelling coach and mentor Karen Dietz (@Kdietz) in the piece.

The post also explores the trickiest part of storytelling. Marketers, a group of type A communicators, must tell stories with intent now. The real intent is to create the trust needed to have a conversation.

You see the rub. We tell stories to share our vulnerability and the LISTEN and CURATE the stories of others. Stepping back takes courage, discipline and storytelling’s so sure of their cause and abilities they have nothing to prove

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

3 Marketing Ninjas Reveal Their Content Marketing & SEO Secrets

3 Marketing Ninjas Reveal Their Content Marketing & SEO Secrets | BI Revolution |
Three Content Marketing Ninjas Reveal Their Secrets!

My live blog of a session at the Raleigh SEO Meetup with +Casie Gillette of KoMarketing…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

My friend @MarkTraphagen reminded me of this fun SEO Meetup hosted by my friend Phil Buckley (@1918) featuring another friend Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja). The discussion is the changing nature of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how content truly and finally is KING.

Content being KING has many implications ranging from a need for new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to shifting tactics and strategy away from the old optimization days and toward a new world where storytelling is the new SEO.

My Storytelling is the new SEO presentaion is on Slideshare

(now with over 16,000 views and all views started from this SEO Meetup and the new nature of content, storytelling and SEO. Thanks to Mark for reminding me of how spcial this meeting was :).

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Google on Guest Blogging - Natural and Quality Is Key [Video]

Google on Guest Blogging - Natural and Quality Is Key [Video] | BI Revolution |
There's lots of buzz about Google and guest blogging for links lately. Should we be concerned? Read on to find out...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Guest Posts - Be Careful of Spammers
Found this post confusing UNTIL I watched the video. 

Like anything guest blogging can be taken to extreme or done in a natural way with quality (great comment by Spook SEO on the video. 

I like guest posting as a form of BRANDING. I don't suggest or create guest posts for links. When a group in Texas conducted a social media study showing big brands don't respond well that was a guest post that reinforced Atlantic BT's core brand. 

Great Social Media Customer Service Race

I agreed to drive one link back to the author. The "author link:" shouldn't be "payment" as much as a way to follow and read other quality posts by that author. If we were going to do more than an occasional guest post I would develop writer profile pages and link to those (and probably no-follow the link since it just bleeds out Google-juice). 

When a "quality" writer writes for your blog they bring their tribe with them. I loved the examples in the video (as if LOL). The key information is if someone approaches you about writing a post be afraid, be very afraid UNLESS they are known for quality non-spammy writing. 

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5 Common Business Intelligence (#BI) SEO Mistakes

5 Common Business Intelligence (#BI) SEO Mistakes | BI Revolution |
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

BI and SEO
Search Engine Optimization is wound like a golf ball. The tighter your wind the rubber bands of business intelligence the more valuable the data you draw from the well. It is EASY to make business intelligence mistakes. Here are several common BI mistakes.

Top 5 BI SEO Mistakes
1. Poor tagging.
2. No A/B Testing.
3. No "Read The Cookie" Fire The Site.

4. No or poorly located email subscription.

5. No Social Media Reports or only GA.


Tagging is both art and science. How you "tag" or identify pages or pieces of your template make a dramatic impact on your ability to report critical data such as how many clicks a Call-To-Action (CTA) receives, the importance of a link or graphic and what your visitors care about and could care less about.

When YOU create a web page MOST of what you think will be important won't resonate. I've conducted hundreds of studies of links on web pages and a tiny % get all the traffic (sometimes as high as 10% of the links command 90% of the clicks).

This is why #2 is so important. You MUST, MUST, MUST test. There is no excuse to test these days. Even if your IT team can't split traffic for you there are services that will help (Optimizely is my favorite

#3 "Read the Cookie, Fire The Site" creates a relevant website based on data your programmers can pluck from a visitor's "cookie". A cookie is an identifiable piece of code that informs where a visitor's computer is located (GPS-like), where they came from such as Google and whether they are NEW or a return visitor.

Relevance is SO important every website should read the cookie and fire relevant information into a zone on their website. Read the cookie fire the site isn't technically complicated, but few web design teams think about it because it is a marketing or BI function to think about engagement and relevance.

The highest converting websites understand their site is NOT an end unto itself but a MEANS to an end. One of those important ends is to have the ability to communicate directly with your customers without paying Google or anyone else. Email marketing subscriptions is one of the most important and often overlooked functions of any website. Don't overlook where you place email subscription forms EVER. Above the fold and high contrast. Also make sure to note, "Privacy protected".

Finally Google Analytics under reports Social Media Marketing by 30%, so you must have another way to understand your conversion funnels. Without a tool like Coremetrics or Topsy you will undervalue Social Media and make poor BI decisions.

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Google's Collateral Damage: SEO Cat & Mouse Game

Google's Collateral Damage: SEO Cat & Mouse Game | BI Revolution |

Great infographic showing the cascading waterfall of SEO and Google's river responds to a changing Internet.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great infogrpahic of Google's waterfall of changes and their consequence on SEO and Internet marketing.

Robin Martin's comment, June 18, 2013 9:17 PM
Thanks for sharing Marty!
Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

How and WHEN Links Help or HURT Your SEO.

How and WHEN Links Help or HURT Your SEO. | BI Revolution |

Links Are Not Born Equal
Some links come from pages that don't help your SEO (described on the left). Some links REALLY help your SEO (those from PR4 or above websites) and others hurt your SEO (links from spammy neighborhoods or link farms).

Post Panda a link from a PR8 or PR9 website could hurt to if it is all alone. A single link with the proper anchor text from such a highly ranked website must have social signals. Without Facebook likes, shares and other links that PR9 site will stick out like a sore thumb.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

SEO: Do Top Listings Still Matter? A: Yes, No and Maybe

SEO: Do Top Listings Still Matter? A: Yes, No and Maybe | BI Revolution |
#Google Search - How Important Is It to Be on the Top? (Really, with the float, #1 isn't what it used to be since multiple websites could be #1 depending on the receiving computer.

Marty Note
Couple of important things to remember when looking at this infographic:

`1. Since the Google float* several websites can be presented as #1 depending on the RECEIVING IP.

2.Only way to know true absolute reference in SEO is use a tool like Mike's Keyword Checker (free) or SEOmoz (paid).

3. Match Mike's or SEOmoz with your Google Analytics to see the VALUE of being #1 (how much traffic your website received).

All of that said, I still fire Mike's at critical keywords to see where we stand. It is helpful to be able to trend especially not that "Not Providing" is climbing past 50% (Not Provided in GA is the growing group of people that visit your website signed into Google).

* Google Float - Google's index now "floats" based on the receiving device. You and I can type the same search at the same time and receive different results. This infographic, while helpful, speaks as if we exist in the old static Search Engine Result Pages days.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Top SEO Listings Yes, No & Maybe Because ...
The key to knowing IF a top listing matters and if you have one is NOT looking at the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) with your computer logged in since you will see SERPS manipulated to look like what Google thinks you want to see.

At the very LEAST log out. Logging out helps some, but your IP still has a shadow, so if you want to know the truth use a tool to know your position and then check your analytics to know how many times you were shown and how many searchers came to your website as a result of that key.

SO, Yes top listings matter. No they don't matter as much as they used too. Maybe they matter, but it depends on the term.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

The Race for Semantic Search via @DavidAmerland

The Race for Semantic Search via @DavidAmerland | BI Revolution |
The Race for Semantic Search

Search really is a problem that's far from solved and the search market is beginning to get crowded as search verticals come…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Love talking Semantic Web with friends like @DavidAmerland. David is brilliant and a great writer (FOLLOW HIM). I loved weighing in on his Google Plus post about the Semantic Web race. 

You better believe there is a race. There is a race because everyone involved can ADD (lol). Semantic web is going to change everything...again. Shared some thoughts on HOW. 

Sorry about the length of my rant (lol). Semantic web is pretty exciting to THINK bout much less actually start to program for :).M 

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Top 20 SEO Hacks For Your WordPress Site [Infographic]

Top 20 SEO Hacks For Your WordPress Site [Infographic] | BI Revolution |
Are you looking for the most effective SEO hacks to implement on your website? No need to look any further. They are all listed in this useful infographic.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great infograpic of SEO hacks for WordPress do any 3 of these and your SEO will improve. 

Jeff Domansky's curator insight, April 14, 2013 1:31 PM

Very useful list and SEO tips.

Doug Thaler's curator insight, April 14, 2013 4:11 PM

SEO or optimizing your website needs to be done by promoting your product or value proposition with real information, no hacks required.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

SEO: The Evolution of Winning Google Page 1 [INFOGRAPHIC]

SEO: The Evolution of Winning Google Page 1 [INFOGRAPHIC] | BI Revolution |
Who's smarter: SEOs or the search engines? A look back at how the criteria for making page 1 has changed over the years.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Fascinating look at the evolution of post Panda and Penguin SEO. Try and use old techniques to win page one and you will do more damage than good as this infographic makes it clear. 

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Are You A DUPER? Rand Fishkin Demystifies Dupe Content [VIDEO]

Are You A DUPER? Rand Fishkin Demystifies Dupe Content [VIDEO] | BI Revolution |

SEOmoz CEO Rand Fishkin is a trusted source on SEO. This is a great video explaining the ins and outs of "dupe content penalties" and how to avoid them. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Liked this White Board Friday by Rand so much I embedded it into ScentTrail Markteing. Duplicate content can be a BEAR. You are probably duplicating conent and don't even know it. Rand explains how to stay out of Google Jail. 

Follow Rand's Rules and your content will be considered UNIQUE and VALUABLE.  

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

5 SEO Mistakes That Even Experts Miss [+ Marty Note]

5 SEO Mistakes That Even Experts Miss [+ Marty Note] | BI Revolution |
Tweet Tweet The SEO game has changed drastically over the last year.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great, insightful article here and yes I've missed at least one of these. The five tips shared in the article include:

* Too rich anchor text (non-random= "over optimized".

* Too many links too fast.

* Too many links to your homepage. 

* Creating tons of bad content (bad = not shared).

* Author Rank and other secrets to maximize authority. 


It can be hard for people coming into Internet marketing now to understand all this SEO roil. Keep in mind that Google ranks PAGES not websites and once a page is modeled (inside of Google) it has expectations about what is "normal".

If you violate your "normal" by 100% then you are spamming. This is why the More, Faster, Better rule is so important. You can't jump this shark. TIME is the only way to gradually increase your website's authority and content marketing. 

Dumping a bunch of anything (content, links, likes) on your site too fast send your URLs into "watch" status. Continue to violate and you are being reviewed by a Google editor and that review is NEVER a good thing. 

Don't make the mistakes outlined in this article and build with cool content people love on a steady pace of more, faster better and someday you will be an authority. Authority websites receive all kinds of traffic they aren't even after because Google trusts them to be relevant and have high quality.  


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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0!

Why Google Blocks All Keyword Referral Data and Why This Is Really Bad

Why Google Blocks All Keyword Referral Data and Why This Is Really Bad | BI Revolution |
Rand Fishkin talks about Google's motivation behind their encryption.

Via Robin Good
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

What a pain. Google is making it SO hard to know what is happening on our websites they are all but putting money in other metrics packages pockets. We used to be able to model when "not provided" was below 50%, but now that more people signin to G+ and stay signed in we's lost too much raw data. The super quants can still model, but the average analyst is now behind the eight ball.

Jill Prest Hart's curator insight, October 10, 2013 10:47 PM

I agree with one of the commentors on this post, that said, Google is doing this in response to the competition with FB et al. FB is making huge inroads in Googles once great monopoly.  You can still find keywords that will rank with reverse attack marketing and can learn about it here:

David Bennett's curator insight, October 11, 2013 6:34 AM

Quote from Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land: "

Publishers allow search engines to index their content, which is used by the search engines as the core content they can put lucrative ads around.

In return, search engines have provided traffic to publishers and data on how those publishers are found. That latter part of the ‘deal’ was unilaterally pulled by Google.”""

Deb Nystrom, REVELN's curator insight, October 16, 2013 9:40 PM

Robin Good's insight with this ScoopIt is plenty.  It's a big deal about SEO being worthwhile, a real game changer as of Sept. 25th.  ~  Deb

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Online Marketing!

Wag Your Long Tail SEO To Increase Traffic, Sales, Conversion - KISSmetrics

Wag Your Long Tail SEO To Increase Traffic, Sales, Conversion - KISSmetrics | BI Revolution |

SEO isn’t just about driving traffic to your website. It can actually be used to increase your sales. Just think about it: what’s one of the main reasons you use search engines?

Via Neil Ferree, DianaI
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Brilliant Scoop by Dianal and don't miss Neil Ferree's post (@FerreeMoney): 

Neil Ferree's curator insight, 

Conversational and Semantic Search with Long Tail SEO is where I am targeting my editorial calendar. Read this article on why I'm doing this?

Neil Ferree's curator insight, September 13, 2013 10:25 AM

Conversational and Semantic Search with Long Tail SEO is where I am targeting my editorial calendar. Read this article on why I'm doing this?

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, September 14, 2013 2:30 PM
Great post by Neil & great scoop by Dianal.
DianaI's comment, September 14, 2013 8:25 PM
Thanks :)
Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Holiday SEO: How To Avoid Google’s Naughty List This Season

Holiday SEO: How To Avoid Google’s Naughty List This Season | BI Revolution |
Is your store's SEO naughty or nice? Read on to see how you can keep your online business on Google's good side when preparing for the holiday season.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great List of Naughting and Nice SEO Tactics: 

Nice SEO

  • Properly optimized on-page content and tags that are distinct from other pages’ content and tags
  • Unique content that’s truly helpful to your target audience
  • Natural links from respected sites that point back to your site or blog
  • Mentions on respected websites and in social media
  • A consistently updated blog that shares useful information
  • A social presence that brings value to its audience
  • User generated content such as reviews
  • Rich markup such as schema
  • An active Google+ author account that’s synced up with your blog
  • Clean site architecture that’s easily crawled and navigated


Naughty SEO

  • Irregular and inauthentic link building campaigns that result in sudden large numbers of low quality links
  • Purchased links on low quality link farms*
  • Dated link building tactics such as spammed blog comments and spinning content
  • “Spammy” or over-optimized tags and content, stuffed with keywords
  • Poor quality on-page content that offers little if any value to your target market
  • Sporadic involvement in the online ecosystem, such as social media
  • Excessive footer links that are clearly present for the search engines alone
  • Utilizing the same keyword anchor text across all backlinks
  • Linking externally to just one page on your site

Agree 100% November is way to late to correct bad #SEO behavior. NOW is when Google is setting up their Holiday index so get on the NICE side of Google / Santa ASAP. 

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Maximize SEO POWER: Claim Google Authorship For Slideshare [easy]

Maximize SEO POWER: Claim Google Authorship For Slideshare [easy] | BI Revolution |
How to Claim Google Authorship for SlideShare

My slide deck at +SlideShare shows you how.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Excellent post by my friend @MarkTraphagen on how to make sure your Google profile is sending positive author vibes to your Slideshare decks.

Why is claiming your Slideshare so important?

Read my Why Slideshare ROCKS Content Marketing and SEO ) post for why #SEO and Slideshare are so related. By spending about ten minutes and following Mark's precise instruction I bet you more than double your Slideshare's SEO power AND add to your author rank juice (all good). 


Esther Turón Perez 's comment, July 9, 2013 1:58 AM
Via Martin ( Marty) Smith.
Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Evolution of SEO - The College Years

Evolution of SEO - The College Years | BI Revolution |
SEO is not dead, it's evolving. Learn more about how SEO is maturing and becoming the driving force on collaborations with PR and social media.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I see SEO a little differently. SEO as a thing unto itself is disappearing. SEO is now content marketing, email marketing, cause marketing and video marketing and almost anything else you can think of.

Sure there is technical SEO. Your titles are still important and keywords in body copy are good unless they are too dense or not consistent with the rest of the page.

SEO as a "let's optimize for SEO" feels dead and gone. If your content doesn't breed supporting social signals then it doesn't matter at least and hurts you at most. The need for confirmation kills the optimize only game.


The idea in the linked post of coordination across departments is correct and important (always has been). The cross functional nature of Internet marketing, the "it takes a village" aspect, has never been more important due to the need for social signals.

If your right hand doesn't know what your company’s left hand is doing good luck with that. Dissonance kills

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

New Metric: Link Efficiency Index (LEI) Benchmarks SEO & Competition

New Metric: Link Efficiency Index (LEI) Benchmarks SEO & Competition | BI Revolution |
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Stumbling On A New Metric

Working up a proposal to add an ecommerce store to a local powerhouse in content marketing I stumbled on a cool new metric - Link Efficiency Index or LEI (not the flowers that go around your neck).

Why LEI Is Important
Google doesn’t look at your website isolated from others. Google models an ecosystem where those who THINK LIKE GOOGLE are rewarding. Links are Google's magic, the votes they use to form their index.

Links are special and valuable. Google recently hit the reset button because many websites, realizing how valuable their links were, began to sell links. Selling links destroys Google's model because links aren't "votes" when purchased. Links don't represent Traffic TRUTH when sold.

Post Panda and Penguin Google wants REAL VOTES. Actually they want much more. They want YOU, if you are a lucky few Internet marketer, to create content people love, share and link to because doing so reduces their costs.

Even more than the money is creating great content reinforces Google's value proposition - getting people to relevant content fast. Internet marketers must be concerned with how efficiently they create inbound links.

LEI is calculated: LINKS IN / Total Google Pages

I use Alexa to get Links In and to know the total pages indexed by Google. Creating an LEI tells you how many pages it takes to generate a single inbound link. Here were the values I found the other day:

A) .00534 vs. B) .0027

This means A creates a link every ..00534 of a page loaded into the web (and that makes it into Google's index). The real value of the metric is in comparing to past performance and competition. (A) Is creating links roughly 2x as efficiently as their competitor.

Both (A) and (B) have PageRan7's. But I would rather be (A). A's PR7 is more likely to become an 8 because they have FEWER pages in Google index (by several million), but their social support of those pages and their link creation efficiency is so much better than their competitors their PR7 is more like a 7.8 where there competitors are more of a 7.1.

Understand link creation efficiency by creating simple LEI provides valuable SEO and competitive insight.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

SEO Audit Checklist [Infographic]

SEO Audit Checklist [Infographic] | BI Revolution |
SEO Audit Checklist Tasks Infographic (I would run an error report too).
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I would do a few more things to check SEO such as:

* Webmaster tools to check errors. 

* Watch heuristic KPIs like a hawk and pounce when they wobble. 

* Check competitor sites for terms you want. 

* Evaluate links. 

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Google Authorship About To ROCK Content Marketing's World

Google Authorship About To ROCK Content Marketing's World | BI Revolution |

If you aren't using Google authorship tags you are making a SEO mistake. That mistake is costing you something now and will cost you much more later as this study shows.

Easy fix, just add a single line of code to your content and you will be using Google authorship tags.

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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Infographics and Social Media!

15 SEO Writing Tips [5 Infographic, 5 Marty]

15 SEO Writing Tips [5 Infographic, 5 Marty] | BI Revolution |

This is an infographic about current SEO thinking with tips and tools to help sites rank better on search engines.


Most people have a general idea of how to optimize their content for search engines. That search engine algorithms are proprietary and evolving inevitably causes different opinions on SEO. Of course there’s another school of thought that minimal keyword research and a green-light from a SEO plugin are enough to publish a piece.


This infographic challenges writers and some of the preconceived notions about SEO. It has a mixture of tips and tools to help you rank better in search...

Via Lauren Moss, John Boitnott
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Marty's 5 SEO Writing Tips

I've written about how to write for humans and spiders extensively at , but here are 5 "quick SEO Writing tips" to add to this excellent infographic:

5 More SEO Writing Tips
* Write out "Stop words" (words like I, and, but, we, them, they spiders can't understand).
* Be specific - one way to write out "stop words" is to be specific.

* Short Sentences - helps eliminate connections (and, but, thus, so).

* Short paragraphs - helps humans read online.

* Use subheads (H2s) - Only ONE H1, but you can have multiple H2s.


You may not know about "stop words". I was taught to gauge quality score by putting total words on the top and stop words on the bottom. If you have 10 words with 5 stop words you would have a "quality" score of 2.

I don't have to do the math anymore. Now I WRITE long and edit out as many stop words as I can before copy sounds spamming. Seeing words like "it", "they" or "them" I rewrite by being specific about those things. Sometimes I have to use alternative words since to use the main word to replace a non-specific word like "it" may mean the copy is too keyword dense.

Any word with MEANING is better than a stop word. Write "natural" and train your editing eye to see and replace stop words, long sentences and dense paragraphs. Web writing is more Hemingway than Faulkner, so punch those words out :).

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, May 2, 2013 12:52 PM
Great comment MizWalidah. I wold modify one point. Instead of "continually optimizing your meta keywords and tags" I would find ways to ping in fresh content such as User Generated Content from reviews or comments. Once a website I've SEOed is inside of Google's algorithm changing meta values that matter (mostly the page's title) can HURT SEO. I change titles VERY VERY carefully since the first rule of SEO is DO NO DAMAGE. The QDF (Quality Deserves Freshness) movement post Panda and Penguin LOVES it when a page pings, so I love the 1% of visitors who are willing to comment, review or otherwise contribute User Generated Content.

I DON'T play with meta nearly as much as you imply since to do so can look SPAMMY and cause real harm. The most important idea is creating content other people want to share. This is why I love GAMES and CONTESTS especially for bands. High engagement content such as Contests and Games can help with SEO and they can help create a distinct brand all bands need. Appreciate your enthusiasm, but be careful about meta (especially title) changes. Marty
Coralie D.'s curator insight, May 3, 2013 4:32 AM

Infographie sympa sur la rédaction SEO... A lire et relire, c'est toujours utile ! ;)

Joe Wise's curator insight, May 21, 2013 5:31 PM

Any of you SEO gurus out there care to confirm any of this?

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from SEO and Social Media Marketing!

How Social Signals Affect SEO

How Social Signals Affect SEO | BI Revolution |

Do social signals really play a big role in SEO?  We know for certain that social media plays an essential role in increasing website traffic and creating awareness for your brand.


But can social signals also improve your rankings? Yes, they can.


Read more at:

Via Antonino Militello
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Use Social Signals or Drown
that was the choice Google faced. They could fight against the social tide or use it. Then Navneet Panda stepped up with his new machine code algorithm and Google could use social signals to see just how clean or dirty our rooms really are/were. 

Are social signals important to SEO? Absolutely. Is SEO still important to your ability to generate converting traffic? Absolutely.  

Recently I wrote Storytelling Is The New SEO (on Slideshare) because one of the secret implications of social signals being used so extensively by search engines is we must create content that engages and is shared.


Not all content is up to that task, or, more accurately, our execution of some types of content such as heavily lawyer influenced terms is not up to the task of being shared.

My advice is to ONLY have content on your website someone will want to share.  


Storytelling Is The New SEO  

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SEO - 5 Things Every Marketer Must Know - Atlantic BT

SEO - 5 Things Every Marketer Must Know - Atlantic BT | BI Revolution |
SEO can be complicated, but if you know these 5 simple checks you can hire good Internet marketing help or know you didn't.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wrote this piece after spending several hours in the land of mod rewrites, canonical URLs and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). My friend @1918's Raleigh SEO Meetup tonight was excellent and mind bending. Came home and thought it would be helpful to define 5 simple concepts that can help any marketer know enough SEO to protect themselves and their websites and hire well.

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Google Patents: The Intersection of Mobile, Local Search and Social Signals

Google Patents: The Intersection of Mobile, Local Search and Social Signals | BI Revolution |
How does Google decide which queries have a local intent when the queries don't include location information, so that they can show Maps in Web search results.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great post by my friend Bill Slawski (). Bill specializes in watching and deciphering Google patents. If you haven't followed him you should.

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