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Be A GREAT Content Curator: 6 Content Curation Tips From @ScentTrail and @Gdecugis

Be A GREAT Content Curator: 6 Content Curation Tips From @ScentTrail and @Gdecugis | BI Revolution |

"once you start gathering content to share, you begin to realize it’s a bit more complicated than you thought. It takes a bit of focus and creativity to find good content and then organise it."

Via Guillaume Decugis
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Backing Into Great Content Curation Greatness
Since the goal of every Internet marketing team should be creating a sustainable system of content marketing with an ever increasing return let's agree on a few important curation ideas: 

* Curation creates more reach faster than creation.

* Creation is still important, > than 20% is risky. 
* Curation is never random, strongest clearly themed.

* Scale means you do more with less, so scale = ROI.

* Real time is where the HEAT of content curation lives.

* The more you curate the better at it you become.


The second bullet is ironic. Even gurus I LOVE tire me out when they don't pick up other people's threads or react to mine. "Tire me out" is another way of saying I leave and reduce advocacy. 

This means EVEN if you have resources needed to create 90% and only curate 10% I would NEVER suggest that as a winning strategy. Create more than 20% and you risk "talking to yourself about yourself". I've come to the conclusion that the optimal ratio is 90% curation to 10% creation, but Argyle Social did a somewhat related study that came down 50% creation (promotion of your own stuff) and 50% curation. 

I think promotion is different than either curation or creation, so let's put that study aside for the moment.  

1. Define Your Curation THEME
Note that I use the singular "theme". Any beginning content plan should focus on ONE meme; one idea set, and devote all energy to that single theme. Don't go too broad either. Not Internet Marketing, but Internet Marketing / Email Marketing (if you are @Bronto) or Internet Marketing / New Ecom (if you are @Atlanticbt my employer). 

2. Research Your Theme's Ecosystem - Picking Gurus 
Who are the gurus of your theme? How social are these gurus? Do they respond when use @GURU? Pick a mix bag of 5 gurus to follow with 3 in the "approachable" camp and 2 in the uber-guru camp (pick the two with either the biggest following or that are most aligned to your thinking or both). 


3. Create A Content Map For Your Theme

Use the 10% creation and 90% curation rule to guide what kind of content you create and put where. Creation is best on OWNED properties. Curation moves easily between OWNED and SHARED (social nets). Don't only do ONE or the other tactic exclusively on one platform. Mix it up. Create short blog posts that are hybrid curation. Create themed Tweets that are almost like a blog post in 20 tweets. Others would tell you to use a blog to do X and a tweet to do Y. I disagree, surprise and serendipity keeps your content marketing alive. 

4. Create A Schedule, Stick To It
Leave 20% of your plan for "response", but do create s publishable schedule of daily, weekly or monthly features. Schedules = TRUST and you can never have enough trust. If you miss a scheduled date explain why and, "Dog ate my homework," is not a good excuse. 

5. Schedule Reviews & Summary Presentations
Watch 5 Key Performance indicators every single day of the MACRO (traffic) and MICRO (forms completed by Google visitors on keyword X) variety. Schedule a quarterly review with senior management since that too creates trust and makes you SMARTER due to the preparation and questions you will need to answer. 

6. Practice, Practice and Practice More
How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice. The old cliché is true. Yes it will take getting used to the idea your "practice" is seen by OTHERS, but get used to it. I use as my practice field. I allow for a higher degree of errors (WHEN is going to add spell check for God's sake :) and stumbles because is about FEEDBACK and SPEED in our ecosystem. 

When something looks PRIME TIME on I tighten down the bolts (i.e. hire my great editor) and increase the investment. I move a longer and more keyword dense take to our owned properties such as our blog or website.

Our process doesn't have to be yours since there are infinite variations on the curation theme. The important idea is to curate a LOT of content daily, define a platform that is your "practice field" and always increase the speed of curation while reducing errors and increasing shares (what you are curating for).  

BTW, learned these tips from GREAT curators such as @RobinGood and @maxOz and others I listed on Google Plus: 

Link is to an excellent Guillaume post linked to another great curation post. 

Guillaume Decugis's curator insight, March 1, 2013 7:54 PM

Sarah Arrow gives interesting tips in that post but the bigger point she makes is that content curation requires some organization and works best when integrated within a workflow that makes it easy. Whether you're using organized RSS feeds, iPad readers like Flipboard or platforms like, the whole system should make it efficient for you to scan through content without distraction and publish your best picks in a way that feels natural. 

And as I commented on her blog post, I’m a big believer of using your idle time for curating content using your mobile: on top of making this time useful, the mobile platform also addresses the “Shiny Object” temptation she's describing and unchains content curation. Don’t you find the smaller screen and the use of the mobile format lots of blogs and media are now using also helps being less distracted and more focused?

Neil Ferree's curator insight, March 2, 2013 4:20 PM

A good Read on what you need to know before you launch your 2013 Content Marketing strategy. You can see the Top 5 CM Planning Guides by Click Here or just Google DiY Conent Marketing

Maddog Social Media's comment, March 6, 2013 12:34 PM
Martin, thank you so much!
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Marketing Truth via Data
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Unselling A Marketing Must Read - via @Curagami cc. @UnMarketing

Unselling A Marketing Must Read - via @Curagami cc. @UnMarketing | BI Revolution |

Active vs. Passive
Scott Stratten & Alison Kramer have written a marketing #mustread. I listened to Unselling driving to Columbus to go to my monthly appointment at the James Cancer Center and that seemed appropriate in retrospect.

Unselling: The New Customer Experience
Scott Stratten & Alison Kramer

Appropriate because my favorite section of the book is the intelligent discussion of passive (pull) vs active (push) sales and marketing. Stratten and Kramer argue the active era is dead and gone. The key to this next era is creating such magical content seeks carry on wind provided by advocates, fans and members.

Appropriate because dropping the Kabuki theater of one's life is one of cancer's big lessons. Life is too short for BS. Marketing is too valuable for BS, so begin to ween yourself off of it Unselling explains.

WOW, perfect tie to team's pursuit of the ever elusive tool to make creation of online community easy for merchants. We agree with Scott's rant against automated social media.

We also agree with his stance on the ruination of social media by brand PUSH ( see another Scoop I just shared about Buzzfeed pushing brands beyond the web i.e. the ruination of social ( ).

If the ONLY section you read, believe and act on is Unselling's discussion of the value of magical content as the key to market making going forward and the necessary letting go of PUSH you will be ahead of the pack when the "push is dead man walking" ax falls.

Great and highly recommend marketing & sales read.

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Book Discussion on The (Honest) Trust About Dishonesty Dan Ariely via @Booktv

Book Discussion on The (Honest) Trust About Dishonesty Dan Ariely via @Booktv | BI Revolution |
Professor Dan Ariely talks about his book, [The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone - Especially Ourselves], in which he discusses different examples of dishonesty and looks at…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great new book from Predictably Irrational author Dan Ariely that shines the same light on contextual honesty.

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3 Easy Metrics To Find Your Site's 80-20 Rule via @Curagami

3 Easy Metrics To Find Your Site's 80-20 Rule via @Curagami | BI Revolution |
This post shares 3 simple web metrics to help find the 20% of stuff controlling 80% of your online business because online only Pareto can hear you scream.
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Web Analytics For Non Quants - via @Curagami

Web Analytics For Non Quants - via @Curagami | BI Revolution |
Web Analytics for non Quants demystifies web metrics with simple questions, easy to understand ideas & proven lessons. Want to understand web metrics?

Marty Note
Driving home from Columbus today thought I would return to this post in a Khan Academy-like way.

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Four Marketing Secrets New Web Designers Should Use • 1stwebdesigner [w/ 1 Scenttrail Dissension ]

Four Marketing Secrets New Web Designers Should Use • 1stwebdesigner [w/ 1 Scenttrail Dissension ] | BI Revolution |

What separates the newbie web designers from experienced ones? It is these 4 marketing secrets every newbie web designer should know. Read all about it here.

Marty Note
The four tips shared are:

* Build Microsites (disagree)
* Create Freebies (really believe in this one).
* Develop a Niche Blog (agree).
* Business Cards.

I would change "microsites" to landing pages. In a post Google Panda / Penguin algorithm change SEO era sites or pages without social support don't fly. Build a website and try and drive traffic to it. NOW tell me you want to build more than one.

That's crazy talk these days because one is more than most can handle. Liked the other 3 tips.

Via Mike Power
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5 Trending Haiku Decks: Crowdfunding to the Clash

5 Trending Haiku Decks: Crowdfunding to the Clash | BI Revolution |

Total Haiku Deck Views: 73,549
% Increase: 5% (10-2 - 11-4)
+ Views: 3,324 (in a month)

Trending Decks

#1 Crowdfunding Tips From The Clash
+127% views gain 330

#2: Gamify Content Marketing
+115% views gain: 618

#3 Tomorrow's Ecommerce
+115% views gain 248

#4 Invisible Giant of the New SEO
+113% views gain 428

#5 Five Holiday Design Tips
+112% views gain 92

Top Deck
Startups Tips From Warren Buffett
total views 8,100

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Parallax Web Design: What It Is and How It Can Affect Your SEO #websitedesign #seo

Parallax Web Design: What It Is and How It Can Affect Your SEO #websitedesign #seo | BI Revolution |



Parallax design sites are growing in use because they embrace the fluidity of the Web, provide simplicity, and offer a scrolling technique that creates a neat 3-D effect.


You should be aware of some concerns when deciding whether to use a parallax design. Concerns include the following.

Load times

Parallax design is highly animated with a lot of scripts, so it can decrease the load time of a website.

Browser support

Not all browsers are able to support the parallax design. That inability can lead to problems for the user.

Not mobile-friendly

Parallax scrolling is also not ideal for mobile as it makes the website bloated. Parallax adds layers of code to a website.

Deficient for analytics

If all your content is on one page, understanding what content is capturing visitors can be difficult. There can be workarounds to this obstacle, such as using event tracking or tying a pageview in Google Analytics to sections of parallax scrolling, but parallax design does add a layer of complexity to analytics.


SEO and new design techniques often don't mesh. In addition to being deficient on the analytics side, many parallax websites are not built with SEO in mind. Content often takes a backseat to the visual, and parallax pages typically aren't geared towards specific topics and targeted websites. External websites may only have one page to link without linking to specific subpage with more relevant content.


Via iNeoMarketing, Brian Yanish -, b2bmarketingpartners
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I used this phrase in a meeting last year and got laughed at. Parallax is mobile friendly so a trending design ethos.

iNeoMarketing's curator insight, October 15, 2014 9:51 PM

Avoid like the plague.

Don Hileman's curator insight, October 19, 2014 11:08 PM

Parallax websites look amazing, but are they effective for SEO? 


Well that depends. There are several things such as Page Title, Page Description, and Content that plays a major role in SEO. Parallax designs can still include great content which is one of the most important things when it comes to SEO. 

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Can You Control A Super Computer With Twitter? Stephen Wolfram Says Sure Tweet-a-Program

Can You Control A Super Computer With Twitter? Stephen Wolfram Says Sure Tweet-a-Program | BI Revolution |

Wouldn't it be great if you could just call up a supercomputer and ask it to do your data-wrangling for you? Actually, scratch that, no-one uses the phone anymore. What'd be really cool is if machines could respond to your queries straight from Twitter. It's a belief that's shared by Wolfram Research, which has just launched the Tweet a Program system to its computational knowledge engine, Wolfram Alpha. In a blog post, founder Stephen Wolfram explains that even complex queries can be executed within the space of 140 characters, including data visualizations.

In the Wolfram Language a little code can go a long way. And to use that fact to let everyone have some fun with the introduction of Tweet-a-Program. Compose a tweet-length Wolfram Language program, and tweet it to @WolframTaP. TheTwitter bot will run your program in the Wolfram Cloud and tweet the result back to you. One can do a lot with Wolfram Language programs that fit in a tweet. It’s easy to make interesting patterns or even complicated fractals. Putting in some math makes it easy to get all sorts of elaborate structures and patterns.

The Wolfram Language not only knows how to compute π, as well as a zillion other algorithms; it also has a huge amount of built-in knowledge about the real world. So right in the language, you can talk about movies or countries or chemicals or whatever. And here’s a 78-character program that makes a collage of the flags of Europe, sized according to country population. There are many, many kinds of real-world knowledge built into the Wolfram Language, including some pretty obscure ones. The Wolfram Language does really well with words and text and deals with images too.

Via Dr. Stefan Gruenwald, Warwick Raverty
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Now THIS is coolest thing I read today. Ever see the great movie 3 Days of the Condor when Robert Redford calls the computer and via a series of commands tracing a phone number. That was COOL. This "tweet-a-program" to control a super computer with 140 characters is awesome. 

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Are “Data Deserts” Beginning To Form in America? via @iSocialFanz

Are “Data Deserts” Beginning To Form in America?  via @iSocialFanz | BI Revolution |

Great Tweet by Brian Franzo (@iSocialFanz) of a report that uses Wiki-Pedia edits to ask an interesting question - are data deserts forming? I would love to have one more data set to confirm the fast wite middle before assigning the word "data desert" if only because wikipedia editing, the data was sourced from number of edits on wikipedia, may be an acquired taste.

The authors figure, and they are probably right, that wikipedia edits are a good proxy for all things digital. Still would like to see Google searches or some other confirming number before moving all the way to where the interesting post goes.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Haiku Deck By The Numbers: +2,716 Views In 6 Days! Over 64,000 Views, 4,000+ Views Average Top 10

Haiku Deck By The Numbers: +2,716 Views In 6 Days! Over 64,000 Views, 4,000+ Views Average Top 10 | BI Revolution |

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Haiku Deck Data
Slide decks create effective storytelling online. If your content marketing doesn't include slides it should. Here why:

# Haiku Decks: 36
Total Views: 64,504

Average Views: 1,709
Top 10 Average Views: 4,014
Top Deck Views: 7,548
Gain Last 6 Days: 2,762
vs. views? Haiku Deck +217%

Trending Haiku Decks:
Crowdfunding Tips From The Clash +260%
Gamify Content Marketing +109%
Invisible Giant of the New SEO +14%

Gamify was added to Haiku Decks' Featured area. Crowdfunding tips from The Clash was Tweeted and included on GooglePlus. None of the 36 Haiku Decks we've created came back with 0 new views (that's impressive). A week ago we wrote a Curagami post about Top Haiku Decks ( ) and provided a link to a spreadsheet with links to all decks ( ).

That post plus features by Haiku Deck in their two community galleries (Featured and Popular) produced almost 6,000 views. We've been talking about the need for a profile page to help promote all Haiku Decks and the team at Haiku is working on it.

That was the advantage we created by developing a page with links to all decks. We could share that single link and people could decide what decks interested them.

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Lean Analytics Book Is A #mustread For Marketers

Lean Analytics Book Is A #mustread For Marketers | BI Revolution |

Book by Alistair Croll and Ben Yoskovitz about using data to build a better startup faster, part of the Lean Startup series with Eric Ries and Ash Maurya from O'Reilly

Marty Note
Reading Lean Analytics now and HIGHLY recommend it.

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Crowdfunding & Gamification = New Online Marketing Channel via @HaikuDeck

Crowdfunding & Gamification = New Online Marketing Channel via @HaikuDeck | BI Revolution |
Crowdfunding's real explosion will come at the enterprise level when combined with advanced loyalty and gamification.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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5 Ways To Avoid The Online Competition Trap w/ Great @MarkTraphagen Note

5 Ways To Avoid The Online Competition Trap w/ Great @MarkTraphagen Note | BI Revolution |

5 Ways To Avoid The Online Competition Trap
Never ceases to amaze me. Team +Curagami sees the Hatfields and McCoys squared off and fighting tooth and nail over nothing all the time. Here are 5 ways to avoid the Online Competition Trap (be sure to Read Mark Traphagen's excellent note in comments on the attached too):

* Use Google Adwords to discover REAL DEMAND for keywords (use exact an broad match too and if you really want to get depressed use "exact match" to see how few people are actually searching for that new widget you just created).
* Create something like our Curagami Keyword Efficiency Index (cKEI) to calculate where #blueoceans live (keywords or phrases with less competition but healthy search volume and YES these are getting harder and harder to find). Use "long tail" analysis to find these.
* Understand your "poker table stakes" keywords - words you have to have content for but won't win in this lifetime.
* Know what they are spending (use +SpyFu) and then SPEND DRAMATICALLY LESS because you've out thought them. One way to do that is look for a #contentmarketing "fighter pilot" in your space and toss them into your ecosystem (I did this with +Red Bull during my keynote to a group of #smbs at +FedEx conference and they found it eye opening to say the least). 
* Think about using new tools such as Curagami, tools that help create #community so you do LESS but win MORE hearts and minds. Would classify and +Optimizely in this category of get more spend or do less tools.

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BuzzFeed Pushing Brands Into Post-Website Era, But There's A Problem

BuzzFeed Pushing Brands Into Post-Website Era, But There's A Problem | BI Revolution |

"...inspired by the fact that much of the traffic to #TheDress story came from a single tweet, Buzzfeed cofounder Jonah Peretti told SXSW this week that he has his eyes on a much bigger prize: the 18.5 billion impressions available through publishing direct to social media. Video, meanwhile, generated more than one billion views last month—and that's not just on but on YouTube and social media.

Marty Note: The Problem Is...
The problem with finding new ways to use old ideas (interruptions and push) into the social space is efficacy gets destroyed. Brands can take over social and push message and lower connection and content value but to what end. Doesn't that path lead right back to where we are now?

I realize the challenge, but publishers need to read UnSelling by Strattten and Kramer. The book's discussio of active )push) content and media manipulation vs. passive (pull) is worth the pric of admission.

Yes, the problem is how to make a market and UnSelling makes a convincing case that your CONTENT is the way you make a market. Crate great content and people find you. It doesn't matter WHEN you publish it or where. Greatness will out and push be damned.

Via Nicky Moore
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Tilt: Shifting Your Strategy from Products to Customers Niraj Dawar

Moving Downstream
The factory became a self fulfilling prophecy Niraj Dawar's great book explains. We focused mass marketing on selling more not winning customer hearts, minds and loyalty.

To win tomorrow in a social / mobile / connected world our strategy and thinking must move downstream. We must become truly customer focused Dawar shares asking two great questions:

* Why do our customers buy from US?
* What more do our customers need?

If that sounds like we need new Key Performance Indicators we are thinking the same thing. Knowing and tracking why customers really love us feels like a great way to know what to create next and why.

Great book and SO RIGHT!

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Is 2015 The Year Of Content Marketing?

Is 2015 The Year Of Content Marketing? | BI Revolution |
Why is Content Marketing key for 2015 Conventional, single-thread, one-way, disruptive mass communication – like the television commercials that brands have long subsidized – is on the way out. T…

Via massimo facchinetti
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Yes 2015 is the year of content marketing, but be sure to read Content Marketing's Unfinished Symphony on Curagami:

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Trending Haiku Decks: Warren Buffett, Content Curation & Holiday Web Design

Trending Haiku Decks: Warren Buffett, Content Curation & Holiday Web Design | BI Revolution |

Haiku Deck Stats
Haiku Deck ( ) continues to be one of our favorite visual marketing tools. We believe slide decks are a new marketing channel and our Haiku Decks views prove the point.

Total Views: 78,940  +107% in a month for a gain of 5,641 views across 37 Haiku Decks

Warren Buffett Tips for Startups still #1 with 8,521 views
(gained 105% in a month or 428 views & is a Featured Haiku Deck).

7 Reasons You Must Curate Content

Fastest TRENDING Deck
(2,571 views in first week & now a Featured Haiku Deck)

Holiday Web Design
Next fastest trending deck
(1,087 Views or 116% gain in a month)

Gamify Content Marketing
Broke 5,000 views & continues to grow faster than Buffett
(5,091 views #4 and up 106% vs Buffett's 105% & A Featured Haiku Deck)

Top Ecommerce Trends 2015 (new today)
Has 188 views in three hours

As our content works its way into Haiku Deck's community we see faster lifts for new content. 7 Reasons You Must Curate Content was our fastest deck to clear the 2,000 views hurdle beating Warren Buffett's Tips For Startups. Our Ecommerce Trends Deck, published this morning, may break 500 views its first day.

The team at Haiku Deck are great content curators and they support their "power users" with social shares and mentions. They do such a great job creating online community we created a deck about them too ( ).

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Content Curation: 7 Reasons Why You Must via @HaikuDeck

Content Curation: 7 Reasons Why You Must via @HaikuDeck | BI Revolution |

We shocked a SEO Meetup suggesting 90% curation to 10% content creation. This deck explains why you MUST curate content. Content curation is a CSF (Crtical Success Factor) for online marketing.

7 Reasons You Must Curate Content
* Can't Create Sustainable Online Community Without Curating.
* Reach.
* Costs.
* Digitally Listening (is different).
* Authority.
* Tribes.
* Sustainable Online Community (so important its worth two listings).

Content curation is how you TEST and so protect your site's content creation. Content curation lowers your content creation costs and insures your current SEO ranks. Bet you agree, after flipping through this Hailku Deck (slides) content curation is a CSF (Critical Success Factor) for digital marketing.

Promise to follow with a deck on our favorite tools for content curation with @Scoop.itat the top of the list.

WOW, over 500 views in six hours thanks to Haiku Deck making Content Curation: 7 Reasons You Must a Featured Deck:

Go directly to the deck

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Use 5 Cs To Create Great Web Analytics

Use 5 Cs To Create Great Web Analytics | BI Revolution |

5 Cs of Great Web Analytics
* Combine.
* Comb.
* Copy.

* Crumble.
* Collaborate.

Web metrics never act alone so don't review them that way. Look at Traffic & Shares, Traffic & Money or Time On & Bounce. By combining metrics you see interrelationships better.

Inside of your metrics are secret fractals or patterns so meaningful they almost bite you. When I was a Director of Ecommerce we found the 80/20 rule existed in all data sets across all segments and no matter how small we cut the sample. This means a small % of any metric makes up the majority of the benefit and its your job to find those hidden fractals.

If a competitor has a great new metric copy it, steal it and improve on it. Share your improvements back out to the world so they too can be improve upon. No such thing as SECRETS anymore.

Your website is in a constant ebb and flow. We like to say we build sand castles on the beach and the tide is always coming in. This means you can't get too connected to or in love with anything and that includes numbers and processes. You must exist in a constant state of creative destruction to win online so crumble any cherished notions and beloved processes in order to see what is happening NOW.

The more you share, collaborate and give the more you win online. Your CFO is going to complain about ROI and you should smile, nod and assure him or her you will work on it. The way you work on improving web marketing ROI is TO DO WEB MARKETING. Sounds circular and CATCH-22-like you say? Good you are beginning to get it :). M

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How Links Can Kill Your Website via @Curagami

How Links Can Kill Your Website via @Curagami | BI Revolution |
Bad links can kill your website's hard-won authority, reputation & traffic. Use Google's disavow tool to protect your site's traffic from SEO bandits.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

This post shares two harrowing tales of "spam link attacks". One I experienced and, with my great team, fought our way out of one October several years ago. The other share happened recently (so still an issue). Learn how to protect your hard-won digital assets from spam link attacks.

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GAMIFY Content Marketing via @HaikuDeck +1,010 Views In A Day

GAMIFY Content Marketing via @HaikuDeck +1,010 Views In A Day | BI Revolution |

Gamify Content Marketing Blows Up
Yesterday I mentioned Gamify along with two other trending Haiku Decks. Gamify gained 1,010 views (+40% gain) in a day. A move that big usually means someone BIG shared. We will look around and figure out who to thank, and hope you will check out and share Gamify Content Marketing too.


Successful content marketing engages over time. Engagement needs online community and a role shift from content creators to community curators and GAME creators.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Ecommerce: 5 Easy To Fix Blunders - via @Curagami

Ecommerce: 5 Easy To Fix Blunders - via @Curagami | BI Revolution |

Common Easy To Fix Ecommerce Blunders
* Hiding Free Shipping.
* No Fast Free Shipping.
* No Branded Free Shipping.

* No Social Curation.
* No Deal of the Day.

Easy to fix these costly blunders, but trick. This Curagami blog post and Haiku Deck can help your online store stop tripping over the thousand dollar bills to pick up nickels and dimes.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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A Look Behind The Big Data Twitter Curtain Thanks To A Wizard

A Look Behind The Big Data Twitter Curtain Thanks To A Wizard | BI Revolution |

What factors go into determining how many Twitter followers you gain (and lose) each day? I analyzed thousands of accounts to find the answer.


Key takeaways


The types of content you tweet have significant impacts on attracting and keeping followers.Hashtags probably aren't dead.Each tweet that includes an image, has a hashtag, is a retweet, or mentions someone associates with 2-6% more daily followers.

Just as it does with Rand, your account will likely have individualized factors that move the needle for you.You can explore these via Excel! Check your Followerwonk account for a complimentary spreadsheet of your Twitter activity.Don't forget to follow me @petebray so that I can test whether this blog post significantly moves my follower count! :) And let me know what you uncover.

Via Jeff Domansky, AndreyGolub, SocialEvolutionism
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Brilliant big data analysis of Twitter says save your great tweets for the weekday, cut down on URL usage and do include hashtags. Great insight from a pile of Twitter data slapped into shape by an ACE quant.

mircoooo's curator insight, September 2, 2014 1:45 PM

Hashtags werden in dem Maße problematisch, in welchem das Hashtag Spamming weiter zunimmt. Insbesondere Instagram ist hier ein Treiber dieser unguten Entwicklung und Crossposting.


Nevermore Sithole's curator insight, September 3, 2014 2:32 AM

Are Hashtags Dead? Do Tweets with Images Get More Followers? Twitter Growth Factors (and Some Excel Tips)

Benjamin Labarthe-Piol's curator insight, September 3, 2014 11:33 AM


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Buffett Vs. Invisible Giant - VOTE NOW

Buffett Vs. Invisible Giant - VOTE NOW | BI Revolution |

Haiku Deck Analysis
An interesting thing happened as we watched the impact of our Curagami post about the powerful and magical content curation tool Haiku Deck in near real time today.

We were watching in near real time to validate some favorite Internet marketing assumptions including:

  1. Double down on winners and leave laggards (i.e. Big Get Bigger).
  2. Social shares makes really KNOWING anything all but impossible (why you have to model).
  3. Branded content is powerful.
  4. Social shares are powerful.

As we watched a real horse race developed between our most viewed Haiku Deck (Tips for Startups from Warren Buffett) and our fastest scaling deck (Invisible Giant: Why It's So Hard To SEE The New SEO). Buffet is winning in the aggregate the giant is winning based on % gain.

You can PLAY to by voting with a click. Click on the "horse" you want to win below and you will go to the corresponding Haiku Deck:

Tips for Startups From Warren Buffett

Invisible Giant: Why New SEO So Hard To See

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Learning To Tell Time: 5 Internet Marketing Time Tips via @Curagami

Learning To Tell Time: 5 Internet Marketing Time Tips via @Curagami | BI Revolution |

Time Management
Time is a TACTIC many Internet marketers forget or don't fully utilize. Here are 5 ways we've learned to tell time:

Time Tip #1: What's Happening NOW?
The web is becoming more and more obsessed with what is happening now. Why? Not sure and who cares (lol). The closer to "real time" your content the more authentic and real it becomes. We use this in our favor in three ways:

* Note and share when content is scaling fast.
* Records are important even when they are YOUR records. Fastest, biggest, most are valuable words in Internet marketing. They are also TIME based. Use fast, faster, fastest to help your content scale.
* Now slips away, but using time parameters provides benchmarkes and scale. Earlier I Tweeted about a Haiku Deck that reached 225 views the fastest and then included (12 hrs).

Time Tip #2: Use History 
The web's time is always NOW, but you can create interesting juxtapositions with the past. When your following reachers the NY Times 1950 subscription level NOTE IT. When you compare a modern web EVENT to a past "real world" event you gain gravitas and understanding. BTW, good luck finding NYT circulation in 1950.

Time Tip #3: Process Is Product
Easy to forget that whatever you are doing NOW is, when published and shared, a product. This is why I like multiple publishing platforms (blogs,, G+ are my most frequently used platforms). Sharing your process as close to CREATION as possible brings the NOW into your content (see tip #1).  

Time Tip #4:  Redux Is Truth
We lucky few Internet marketers are like scientists. We test, test and test content, ideas and memes. When you find something that pops DOUBLE DOWN and keep doubling down (publishing a post about the post, publishing a II or III version) until you exhaust upside. Once you reach the point of diminishing return make a note and move on. First time ANYTHING can be a fluke. If you can repeat the same or better results over and over you've found EVERGREEN content you need to OWN. 

Time Tip #5: Don't Forget TIME Is In The Web's Algorithm
Everyday millions of things happen online (maybe billions). With that much NEW going on TIME becomes a way to TRUST you (or not). every day you build or lose clout, reputation and status (authority). Crying over yesterday's losses is foolish and expensive. Gear up, learn and move on. Always remember you can't do anything TODAY the web won't remember TOMORROW.  

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