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Amazon Groceries? AmazonFresh set to expand? [+ Marty Note]

Amazon Groceries? AmazonFresh set to expand? [+ Marty Note] | BI Revolution |
After five years, Amazon’s local grocery-delivery service remains in limited test mode, but the Internet giant recently has made some moves that could set the stage for expansion.

Via Eric Kramer, SwipeZoom
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Can Amazon Succed Where Others Failed
Not a month after comScore comes out with their "over/under" report showing verticals such as grocery and health care where underpenetrated by the Internet Amazon opens up an old wound. 

You may not remember PeaPod from back in the bubble days, but others have attempted to solve the grocery dilemma. All previous efforts have been hoisted on the petard of "local delivery". 

Local delivery is a logistical killer. Think about it. The last time I went to my Super Target I purchased 20 items for a little over $100. With an Average Order Value of $100 you would have to add a hefty shipping charge. 

Problem is my Super Target is almost across the street from my house, so any hefty delivery charge seems a foolish waste of money. Funny how human psychology is because we don't hesitate to pay as much as 100% markup on our pizza to have them delivered. 

If Amazon can bring our minds around to the pizza zone they win. The pizza zone is about:

* Being lazy.

* Not wanting to go OUT (to cold, too crowded, whatever).

* Too busy (when I am on deadline it is hard to remember to dress and shower much less cook a meal). 

* Too boring (I started selling P&G soap in Wegman's in upstate New York and HATE going to the grocery store). 

* Not Fun - shopping is the 3rd circle of HELL for many (me included). 


Subscription & Mobile To The Rescue
I think there is a mobile enabled subscription play here. Schwan's has proven home delivery can work. Schwan's limitation is they ONLY sell frozen food. Will we trust someone else to pick our bananas and lettuce? Maybe if they create a creative approach (maybe we get a chance to see what fresh produce they are selecting via an app). 

The other way Amazon could resurrect the RIP PeaPod local delivery is to be creative about the money. If I can JOIN and earn social status and points, contribute input and be SOCIAL then grocery shopping is FUN and worth the surcharge. 

If anyone can do it Amazon can AND pushing more through their expanded distribution centers only lowers their fixed costs. Amazon is all about the arbitrage so Amazon Groceries could happen and could work.  


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Marketing Truth via Data
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10 BI Trends For 2014 & 2015 via @TDWI [5 from @CrowdFunde)

10 BI Trends For 2014 & 2015 via @TDWI [5 from @CrowdFunde) | BI Revolution |

Marty Note - 10 BI Trends
Business Intelligence is breaking out all over. It is as if we've reached some magic tipping point where things that were hard are not easier and our BI imagination is being sparked as a result. Here are 10 BI trends for this year and next (6 - 20 are from team at )

* Enterprise gets a handle on unstructured "Big Data".

* Search Will Improve Dramatically (agree).
* Mobility becomes bi-directional (you GET and GIVE via mobile).

* Enterprises come to terms with Big Data.

* Analytics Tools Vendors see importance of FAST and EASY.

CrowdFunde's Additions

* New Key Performance Indicators helps connect traffic and lead gen to conversion (what we are working on at ).

* How Social Media is changing everything become more clear (less search, more mobile and social).

* Expect a new flurry of crowdsoure apps.
* Expect more gamification for engagement and loyalty.
* Loyalty becomes LESS fickle as brands discover how to BE online creating community that wins hearts, minds, engagement and loyalty.

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KUDOS & Thoughts On's 1,000,000th User

KUDOS & Thoughts On's 1,000,000th User | BI Revolution |

Kudos and Thank You
Congratulations to friends at for reaching 1,000,000 users. I don't know what my number is, but it can't be far from user #1. The story of my use of is fun, full of serendipity and magical.

One day founder Marc Rougier read a post of mine on Scenttrail Marketing ( suggested I play with in beta. Several years, more than 138,000 views and many great friendships and business partners later THANK YOU seems a tiny thing next to the tremendous value Marc, Guillaume, Alley and the team at created for me :).

Thank You.

The more I use the more this magic wand of a tool feels like WHATS NEXT. Marc read my Curation Is The Next Web Revolution post ( ) and made one of the best suggestions of my business life when he suggested I play with in early beta.

If curation felt like the next web revolution in early 2011 it feels MORE like that now as we work on creating CrowdFunde ( our #startup we hope is half as helpful as Oh, and we have NEW FOUND respect for the hardest working engineers in content curation (this creating useful tools is NOT easy :).

Can't measure the importance of learning great content curation from the best in the world (Robin, Jan, Karen, Michele, Brian, Alley, Guilllaume). Feels like I've invested in a stock whose future is assured. Why?

Content curation is the key to content marketing after Mark Schaefer's "Content Shock" ( ). Mark's important post carries two implications:

* Ability to test content before committing valuable and model owned properties will become a CSF (Critical Success Factor).
* Partnership and community will be how smaller publishers survive the web (i.e. Google's) move toward HUBES. is a HUGE help with both of "content shock's" remedies. I love Mark's Content Shock post, but the content ship has sailed. We MUST create content. OUR content opens doors to community and THEIR content (User Generated Content UGC where the real gold of the NEW web resides).'s millionth user is an accomplishment, but not as much as creating a community of that size. Community may be the hardest thing to create known to man. There are SO MANY bear traps most who dream of reaching the 1,000,000 mark will fall into one of those traps. has had moments too. When they eliminated views I was within a day of closing my account. I shared how I use views to know what content is trending. Trending = we should blog about it, so that data is critical to how we use .

To Guillaume and his team's credit views where back within moments of my sharing how we used the fastest content marketing feedback in the west (lol). Congratulation to friends at for a job well done, for being smart enough to beat the odds and for being great friends, business partners and creative engineers.

Can't wait to see and use what is next. Marty

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Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds, Oh My! How to Keep Up With the Latest SEO Trends

Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds, Oh My! How to Keep Up With the Latest SEO Trends | BI Revolution |
Learn how you can stay up to date on the latest SEO trends and algorithm updates.

Via Peg Corwin
Peg Corwin's curator insight, March 29, 6:53 PM

Keep up with SEO trends by following key influencers on Twitter, SEO blogs and Google Webmaster tools.  Click for details. And keep on learning.

If you like this scoop, would you consider a thumbs up or share?

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March Madness, Merch Madness, Mobile Madness: Think Insights – Google

March Madness, Merch Madness, Mobile Madness: Think Insights – Google | BI Revolution |
As basketball nirvana approaches for millions of college hoops fans, we take a look at the big trends for last year’s March Madness and the early search trends for 2014’s NCAA tournament.
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Slideshare The Visual Marketing SEO RPG - NEW @Scoopit BLOW IT UP Study

Slideshare The Visual Marketing SEO RPG - NEW @Scoopit BLOW IT UP Study | BI Revolution | Study
I've often thought Slideshare was the great underutilized weapon of content marketing. Thinking that and having the data to prove are two different things.

Thanks to the team at we now have the data to prove what I've FELT. In an extensive study the team shifted my thinking on Slideshare.

Always knew Slideshare was POWERFUL SEO VooDoo because I've had several decks BLOW UP such as: 
Absolute #1 position on "Storytelling is the new SEO" and has been top ranked for over a year. 
This deck held on for a year and has slide out of ranking now.

You don't get much more SEO competitive than "Storytelling is the New SEO" and "Content Marketing Network so personal validation supports the team's great work here.

The other paradigm they shifted for me today was thinking of Slideshare as an important "visual marketing" tool. Decks are LEAN, FAST and VIRAL so great ways to share and build authority and traffic. Just wish I could get my Slideshare profile styled better. Anyone know the secret sauce for that?

Great work Scoopiteers!  

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Great Content Curation Tool BuzzSumo: Discover Most Shared Links & Key Influencers

Great Content Curation Tool BuzzSumo: Discover Most Shared Links & Key Influencers | BI Revolution |
BuzzSumo allows you to discover the most shared links and key influencers for any topic. It's free to use and you can run a search in seconds!
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wow, love BuzzSumo and what a friend to content curators. BuzzSumo organizes the firehose of content and shares the most shared links and key influencers BY keyword search. This morning I typed in marketing and found an amazing post from The Next Web about emotions in marketing. GREAT tool for content curators.

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How To Curate Interests Not Just Specialties Part 2 via @janlgordon |Angela Dunn

How To Curate Interests Not Just Specialties Part 2 via @janlgordon |Angela Dunn | BI Revolution |
Angela Dunn of Permamarks explains how to curate interests and people to share deeply for lifelong learning and serendipity. Content curation.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great Curatti post from Angela Dunn about curating for engagement - curate broadly, use tools like Topsy and G+ and follow passion (you and your audience).

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The Cost of Value (and how it is changing) via @DavidAmerland

The Cost of Value (and how it is changing) via @DavidAmerland | BI Revolution |
The dynamic equation between value and cost is being redefined by the semantic web.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Another great "value system" post by author David Amerland. I'm going to quote a big chunk and then come back with some thoughts:

From David's Post
The message of the 21st century is clear: The cost of production is immaterial if the value of a product is uncertain. Companies that understand that operate differently. Amazon invests an incredible amount of money in warehousing technology and delivery infrastructure to make shopping easier (the value is being transferred to the experience). Google spends untold millions in research and development of products it gives away free (the value becomes apparent only when a brand-based purchasing opportunity arises, like in advertising or a Google product). Apple now disregards the cost of upgrades to its iOS because it values the sustained attention of its customers.

These three companies understand that the real value comes in achieving a balanced equation of personal use of their products (uniqueness) rather than scarcity. As a matter of fact their value equation then becomes Value = Uniqueness/Scarcity where the lower the scarcity value is the greater will be the delivery of overall value even if uniqueness remains the same.

Marty Note
I read those paragraphs several times and then did the math. Doing the math helped (lol). Let's say a product has a uniqueness value of 10 and a scarcity value of 2:

Value 5 = 10 (uniqueness) / 2 (Scarcity)
Value 10 = 20 (uniqueness) / 2 (Scarcity)

Now let's up the scarcity value and see what happens to the product's
"perceived" or overall value:

Value 2 = 10 (uniqueness) / 5 (Scarcity)
Value 4 = 20 (uniqueness / 5 (Scarcity)

This reminds me of a conversation I had with J. Langdon when he was the President of Topps baseball cards. I knew J from my tenure at M&M/Mars. J. explained how he knew he was feeding a losing proposition.

His product, baseball cards, needed to have a high scarcity value for it to continue to matter in the artificial marketplace they and other manufacturers created.

The rub was Topps needed to sell baseball (and fantasy) cards in numbers that drove their scarcity numbers down.They suffered a Sophie's choice: either sell enough cards to be able to pay their fixed costs and stock holders and so destroy the market (of perceived exclusivity) or sell too few cards to cover costs keeping perceived exclusivity up but destroying the business none-the-less.

And then the mobile phone was born and bye bye baseball and fantasy cards. Topps needed an Apple-lke pivot. They needed to GIVE the baseball cards away free in support of something ore unique and valuable - the experience of a crowdsourced mobile game or a Threadless-like community where people compete to win coveted printing contracts much the way baseball players compete to get paid God-like sums.

Topps was a casualty of David's "new math". The greater the scarcity of the core product the more nails in the business model's coffin. This discussion reminds me of another conversation. When the founder of Tough Mudder said, "Experience is the new branding" it struck me as highly significant.

I would build on David's thoughts to note the reason scarcity wrecks such havoc with a product or brand's value is COMMUNITY CAN"T FORM. Community is the experience we seek. If community can't form value or "perceived value" as J used to call it  goes down rapidly just ask any baseball card collector :).

David's core "value system" post is here (and a #mustread):

malek's curator insight, March 11, 8:34 AM

A great piece about going back to basics, human psychology. Understanding the mental triggers  of cost vs value,  novelty in tandem with scarcity. Hidden between the lines is dopamine, the pleasure hormone. 

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Email Best "Off Peak" & What Does Trend Mean For Social Media Marketing? Experian Study

Email Best "Off Peak" & What Does Trend Mean For Social Media Marketing? Experian Study | BI Revolution |
Perhaps it's a case of standing out from the crowd. For the second consecutive year, a report from Experian Marketing Services [download page] covering Q4 email activity has
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Experian Study Email Open and Conversion Rates Best Off Peak
Send your email marketing when everyone else is and your response rates will suffer. The results of this study showing the off peak time of 8 to midnight converts the best reminds me of what a friend told me the other day.

My friend is a businesswoman mom and about ten other things. She explained that she likes to get in bed with her phone or tablet and curate her email. Most end up in the trash, but a great subject line or offer from a trusted source might get opened and might even prompt a buying decision.

The Experian study may have implications for blogging and social media marketing too. I've always been skeptical about the "right time" infographics that float around since they tend to form a consensus and I'm interested in avoiding the mob as much as possible.

VIral content goes viral for many reasons time of day may be one of them, but I doubt it. I think Experian's results should create a pause before we all pile on to creating Internet marketing lock stepped to some formula that doesn't work.  

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Contagious: Why Some Things Go VIRAL Jonah Berger [video]

We all know ideas and information spread through word of mouth. But according to Berger, the key to making things really popular happens long before it's dis...

Marty Note
What is the "science" behind social transmission? Only 7% of SHARES comes online. Vast majority of Word-of-Mouth happens face-to-face. Why do things get talked about and shared?

Half of what is in Tipping Point is WRONG. Focus so much on special people we ignore what is really important - the message. Need to understand the psychology of sharing.

Social Currency
Shares story of Please Don't Tell, the secret bar in NYC. Social currency effects how people see us. We like to share things that make us look smart and in the know. 

Why is Rebecca Black's video viral? over 300M views? Why? Triggers are stimulus that make us think about something else. Triggers make products, ideas or memes "Top of Mind".  Black, by calling her song Friday, linked to a trigger. 

Disneyland gets out viraled by Cheerios because we eat breakfast daily but only go to Disneyland every now and again. Corona has made the beach a trigger.

Coffee with Kit Kat messaging created a great trigger because you drink more coffee than you eat chocolate. By linking Kit Kat to coffee the trigger (coffee) makes people think about having chocolate.

Trojan Horses
All stories have a "surprise inside" like Will It Blend. A story or message that carries the brand for the ride. 

Berger's website and book link  

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Top 10 Emerging Technologies For 2014

Top 10 Emerging Technologies For 2014 | BI Revolution |

Marty Note
Cool "emerging" technologies covered here cover trends across tech and manufacturing:

* Body-adapted Wearable Electronics.
* Nanostructured Carbon Composites.
* Mining Metals from Desalination Brine.
* Grid-scale Electricity Storage.
* Nanowire Lithium-ion Batteries.
* Screenless Display.
* Human Microbiome Therapeutics.
* RNA-based Therapeutics.
* Quantified Self (Predictive Analytics).

* Brain-computer Interfaces.

My favs are RNA-based Therapeutics (since this could help my dad's macular degeneration and Quantified Self (predictive analytics since they will change ecommerce as we've known and practiced it).

Promising "trend tags" here too for

Via Grant Montgomery
Chris Storm's curator insight, March 26, 11:54 PM

Some potential emerging technology trends

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Scoopit, Google+ Spark the Conversation Revolution

Scoopit, Google+ Spark the Conversation Revolution | BI Revolution |

Own conversations own the traffic. makes it easier to own conversations by combining with Google+ to speed change from "sites" and to conversations.

Forces blowing the web apart:

* Ubiquitous #mobileweb .
* #socialmediamarketing
* #COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere).
* #video .
* Appification of the web.
* #cloudcomputing .
* Scaling social nets and tools.

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Internet Marketing's 3Cs: Content, Community, Conversion - Curatti

Internet Marketing's 3Cs: Content, Community, Conversion - Curatti | BI Revolution |
Internet marketing's "perpetual motion" machine is based on content creating community and, after winning hearts and minds, community becomes conversion.
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The Secret to Creating a Memorable Blog

The Secret to Creating a Memorable Blog | BI Revolution |
Do you have a blog with great content, but miss out on the traffic you hoped for? Make your audience remember YOU by learning the secret to a memorable Blog
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great "ditch digging" blogging tips.

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Test OFFERS & Other $ Things: DM Strategist Ted Grigg Interview

Test OFFERS  & Other $ Things: DM Strategist Ted Grigg Interview | BI Revolution |

We're very excited to share this new blog interview with you featuring direct marketing strategist Ted Grigg from DMCG. Ted shares an enormous wealth of knowledge.

Marty Note
Pay particular attention to how Ted Helps define FOCUS as MONEY. That strategic alignment is a strength of Direct Marketers (DMers). The highest converting blog online is Schwan's at 46%. Creative isn't bad,but it is clearly not their focus. Ringing the clearly their focus :).  Marty  

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The New SEO & How To Avoid "Shortcut Penalties"

The New SEO & How To Avoid "Shortcut Penalties" | BI Revolution |
SEO helps you get recognition from all quarters for your business. It boosts your marketing strategies and gets you more clients and consequently sets the sales register ringing. The only drawback of…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

The New SEO eliminates the free lunch many enjoyed before. The days when keyword mapping could create a sense of false popularity, popularity from understanding how to play the keyword game slightly better than others, is all but gone.

This post from Business2Community provides a solid overview of how to retrain your muscles to the new SEO where your content's ability to create real community has never been more important.

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Is Netflix, Responsible For 30% of Peak Web Traffic, Being Held Hostage? Or are We?

Is Netflix, Responsible For 30% of Peak Web Traffic, Being Held Hostage? Or are We? | BI Revolution |
What a difference a month makes. On February 23, Netflix and Comcast announced a deal under which the video streaming service and the cable company would "team up to provide customers (an) excellent user experience." Netflix said it worked "collaboratively" with Comcast and that the deal was "mutually beneficial." So [...]

Via Denis Liotta 
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

This post is about a letter Netflix sent to the FCC looking for redress from their high infrastructure carrying costs. Streaming movies, something that is clearly the future of everything, isn't cheap.

Netflix requires an army's worth of bandwidth or their users see "buffering" instead of content. That Netflix's CEO's letter undercuts their recent Comcast deal seems like "inside baseball" politics.

That Comcast made $65B last year feels like we should be writing letters to the FCC. If 2008 was the Wall Street / banker financial crisis the next one of those isn't going to be about CASH.

No the next "financial" crisis will be about a cash proxy - access to bandwidth and the web. Are we creating another "too big to fail" situation with infrastructure companies like Comcast?

When everything is online from our money to our fridge aren't we the potential hostage? Occupy Wall Street feels moot and over. Occupy Time Warner and Comcast feels overdue.

Some call this new financial proxy battle Net Neutrality. Call it whatever you want, access is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We can't let the few (infrastructure providers) reverse Moore's Law (cost of integrated circuits go down even as power increases) for the sake of bandwidth.

Netflix's CEO may be speaking for us all when he complains of being held hostage. Lets hope we keep a careful eye on our captors.

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What Makes Content Relevant & Valuable [Infographic] via @cendrinemedia

What Makes Content Relevant & Valuable [Infographic] via @cendrinemedia | BI Revolution |
Following my second article in my weekly free advice series, I decided to create a simple infographic to make the information clearer for you. I hope you will find it useful.

Via Cendrine Marrouat -
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Content marketing's biggest challenge may be understanding not all content is equal. And how unequal your content is may be very different than a different website or business vertical. Your content inequality may be different than mine even if we are in the same biz. 

Here is a great infographic by @Cendrine Marrouat - that helps put content's context in perspective. 

Love the "take note of" section. Marty 

Cendrine Marrouat -'s comment, March 19, 8:29 PM
Thank you so much for sharing my infographic @Martin (Marty) Smith!
Nicoletta Gay's curator insight, March 20, 5:07 AM

See also: ;

mark ivey 's curator insight, March 21, 8:45 AM

It's not rocket science. Good content must be compelling/engaging, audience- targeted, timely and consistent (take note of the "take note" section-smart reminder tips) 

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When Content Marketing Becomes Visual Marketing via Forbes [Infographic]

When Content Marketing Becomes Visual Marketing via Forbes [Infographic] | BI Revolution |
I have to admit that when I first read the results of a survey of marketers done by PR firm Matter Communications, I was tempted to write this article in a very satirical voice - even more satirical then I normally do. Essentially the survey revealed that when it comes [...]
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great Forbes post with an excellent Matter Communications infographic about visual marketing buried in it 

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Big Data Early Adopters Create Gains Over Laggards - via Business Day Online

Big Data Early Adopters Create Gains Over Laggards - via Business Day Online | BI Revolution |
Big Data: The organizational challenge BusinessDay It, of course, is Big Data—the mining and processing of petabytes' worth of information to gain insights into customer behavior, supply chain efficiency and many other aspects of business...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

This single sentence should send shivers down any CMO's or CTO's spine: "A recent Bain & Company study should put that question to rest. Early adopters of Big Data analytics have gained a significant lead over the rest of the corporate world." 

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Drive Better Ecommerce Conversion With Big Data Thanks TO Granify

Drive Better Ecommerce Conversion With Big Data Thanks TO Granify | BI Revolution |
Granify uses big data & machine learning w/ artificial intelligence for ecommerce stores when customers are leaving and sends a message to keep them.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Cool way to see inside your ecommerce website's metrics and find keys to convert better. Finding LEAKS and putting out fires these days isn't easy. If this app has half the Big Data strength they say the tool could help increase conversions, lower acquisition costs and plug leaks.

All websites leak. I'm skeptical about the claim to fill 95% of the leaks, but who cares. When I was a Director of Ecommerce tiny improvements in things like cart abandonment could have made a huge different.

A half a point improvement in cart abandonment would have been worth a million bucks to my old site. You don't have to create sweeping improvements to make much ore money and that is why every ecommerce website should be a testing culture constantly trying to "beat control".

Sounds like Granify can help with all of the testing, analysis and constant iteration of an ecommerce website.  

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Epic Personal Branding: 6 Tips - ScentTrail Marketing

Epic Personal Branding: 6 Tips - ScentTrail Marketing | BI Revolution |

There is only one way to break out of the rat race and eliminate all competing rats - create EPIC Personal Branding. Here's how. Added a Epic / Not Epic table.

What about you? What things do you know of that USED to be Epic and now not so much? What things are NEW and Epic? .

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Pinterest Growing Fastest, Twitter Bottoming Out, 37% Using 2+ Social Nets: Pew Social Media Study [graphs]

Pinterest Growing Fastest, Twitter Bottoming Out, 37% Using 2+ Social Nets: Pew Social Media Study [graphs] | BI Revolution |

Pew's 2013 Social Media Update shows Pinterest is fastest growing social net, Twitter's party may be over, Facebook is the closest thing to a "hub" in social media as all other sites have over lap with it (LinkedIn the least) and 37% using 2 or more social nets.

Download PEW Report

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People vs. Patterns | IBM Watson and The Big Data Hub

People vs. Patterns | IBM Watson and The Big Data Hub | BI Revolution |
Data scientists need psychological insights to tune customer analytics | The Big Data Hub
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

This is an interesting piece that picks a fight I am not sure exists - the fight between marketing via psychological ideals and marketing based on Big Data. I understand one is IN FASHION (Big Data) as the other wanes, but, and the piece points this point out too, this feels like a distinction without a difference. 

Worth the read if only for the fascinating road IBM Watson is trying to carve. Watching a bunch of engineers become a marketing organization is fascinating and somewhat like watching your child take his first steps (lol).

Before you send angry GPlus notes I know IBM has always been a marketing powerhouse, but today's world reacts to POWER much differently than the 1960's when mainframes ruled the world and IBM was synonymous with information management excellence.

Not so much lately since the world is decentralized, sources of power highly fragmented and you can't buy your way to the top of this new marketing Everest with MONEY (alone). Have to win hearts and minds of real customers now or you are in a world of hurt.

Winning hearts and minds requires emotional connection more than POWER as so this new IBM, the one attempting to win hearts and minds, is taking its first marketing steps all over again. Fun to watch.  

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Visual Literacy Video via Accenture

The Visual Literacy Curriculum is a series of online courses from Accenture, to explain what visual literacy is, why visualization is an effective means of communicating…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wish I had their budget to create cool videos like this. Oh well in my next life :). M 

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