The Zombie Economy | Infographic | BI Revolution |

British businesses are shrugging off their “zombie” label by solving the critical financial problems that have plagued them since 2007. 

I think "Zombie" is a perfect description for many businesses in America too. I just visited a favorite gift store the other day to buy a funky shower curtain and the store was a shambles. 

I ended up buying Girl with a Pearl Earring from The gift businesses, like many businesses, have been through several waves of "Zombie-ficaiton" including the first web wave and now the platforming of the business by, CafePress and the like. 

That the brick and mortar store I used to love is now a Zombie (walking dead) is sad but a result of the inability to the single store to compete without the Internet's help. Where once a crazy funky buyer (like my ex) could create relevance and buzz simply by BUYING now a story is needed, a coherent story with great hooks and emotional impact. 

Mostly a story that must be told online first since attention is THERE and won't be shared with a Zombie unless the zombie can wake up and smell the aroma of that scented candle :). M  

Platforms Vs. Websites