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A Dramatic Week of SEO PAIN
As a New Media Leader (@NewMediaLeaderz) HELLFIGHTER Phil (@1918) and I met with two websites this week who've seen their value sliced in half by Google's algorithm changes. I would rank one of the managers as in the upper group of DIY content marketers and bloggers.

Both websites are on fire. Value is burning up into the sky daily. Fixing the raging inferno is NOT for just anyone. These are jobs for highly specialized cross-functional teams like the ones Phil Buckley is pioneering at New Media Leaders.

In one of the lunches the owner of one of the stricken sites had already hired "a friend" to "fix" his site. BIG MISTAKE since these kinds of problems require triage, testing and a long term "we are now the good guys" strategy. Once your site's reputation has taken such a Google hit you must WORK your way out, you must fight the fires in front of you and the ones behind you or bad things happen fast.

I'm the original DIY guy. I love to tinker and test, but I'm here to tell you things are simply too valuable and complex now to tinker on your own. If you don't hire Phil's HELLFIGHTERS hire one of the other handful of people who know how to get your website back on track.