Dads Are Hot Again: Dove's New Campaign Shows What Dads Really Do | BI Revolution |

Dove Men+Care’s digital campaign for Father’s Day riffs off the idea that dads are sick of their Ward Cleaver image and want credit for changing diapers, making dinner and consoling heartbroken teens. But this creative isn’t all touchy-feely—it’s based on some hard data.

Marty Note
I'm tired of the MAN as IDIOT trend. 2014 seems to be a redemption year. Men and dads are leading the charge. For a long time the cardboard "stupid man" populated commercials, movies and TV for far too long.

I get it. The pendulum swings hither and yon, to and fro. Perhaps one of the web's conversational benefits is brands see customers as people instead of "consumers" or "users".

We are neither simply consumers or users.We are people caught in a divine comedy. MEN aren't cardboard stereotypes meant to supply a cheap punchline or a cliche or two. We men are hard working, confused and learning as we go much like our beautiful sisters.

If the web can eliminate nasty yet ubiquitous cardboard stereotypes every man on the planet will be in the web's debt. What great "men are for real" campaigns have you seen this year?