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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

5 Trending Haiku Decks: Crowdfunding to the Clash

5 Trending Haiku Decks: Crowdfunding to the Clash | BI Revolution |

Total Haiku Deck Views: 73,549
% Increase: 5% (10-2 - 11-4)
+ Views: 3,324 (in a month)

Trending Decks

#1 Crowdfunding Tips From The Clash
+127% views gain 330

#2: Gamify Content Marketing
+115% views gain: 618

#3 Tomorrow's Ecommerce
+115% views gain 248

#4 Invisible Giant of the New SEO
+113% views gain 428

#5 Five Holiday Design Tips
+112% views gain 92

Top Deck
Startups Tips From Warren Buffett
total views 8,100

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Buffett Vs. Invisible Giant - VOTE NOW

Buffett Vs. Invisible Giant - VOTE NOW | BI Revolution |

Haiku Deck Analysis
An interesting thing happened as we watched the impact of our Curagami post about the powerful and magical content curation tool Haiku Deck in near real time today.

We were watching in near real time to validate some favorite Internet marketing assumptions including:

  1. Double down on winners and leave laggards (i.e. Big Get Bigger).
  2. Social shares makes really KNOWING anything all but impossible (why you have to model).
  3. Branded content is powerful.
  4. Social shares are powerful.

As we watched a real horse race developed between our most viewed Haiku Deck (Tips for Startups from Warren Buffett) and our fastest scaling deck (Invisible Giant: Why It's So Hard To SEE The New SEO). Buffet is winning in the aggregate the giant is winning based on % gain.

You can PLAY to by voting with a click. Click on the "horse" you want to win below and you will go to the corresponding Haiku Deck:

Tips for Startups From Warren Buffett

Invisible Giant: Why New SEO So Hard To See

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

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