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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Branding In A Digital Age: You’re Spending Money in the Wrong Places

Branding In A Digital Age: You’re Spending Money in the Wrong Places | BI Revolution |

David Edelman for McKinsey

David's (@davidedelman) post on HBR is still my favorite discussion of the new conversion funnel. Turns out the new "funnel" is more filter than funnel. Edelman explains how buyers move through cycles.

Each cycle tightens (or loosens) loyalty and buying intention. The other thing Edleman's article got SO RIGHT is how the "funnel" doesn't end with a purchase. I love how David explains how purchases begin a new and almost more important buying phase - advocacy.

Most marketers build campaigns to achieve the sale. David points out that kind of thinking is old school and dangerous. In a connected and social time a sale should be the beginning of a much deeper and more rewarding relationship (for both parties). Think of conversion as a series of loops that don't END as much as intensify.

Also read David's Aligning With The Consumer Decision Journey (CDJ) to get the full force of these important ideas:

Regular readers of my content will recognize another proof in David's work. Faith Popcorn's, "People don't BUY brands they JOIN them," has never felt more true. David's CDJ illustration (above) shows purchase = advocacy.

As Internet marketers we need help. No one climbs our new marketing Everest alone. We need the advocacy of others in the form of links, likes and shares. Even if you HAD enough money to force your products and ideas on others, and no one does anymore, spending that kind of money would NEVER be called for or pay for itself.

Advoacy comes when your customers "join" your brand and continue Edelman's loop. String enough of those "magic loops" together and you win :).

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Top Consulting Firms RELAX, Connect and Converse

Top Consulting Firms RELAX, Connect and Converse | BI Revolution |
Booz & Company is a global consulting firm that creates and delivers essential advantage to the world’s top businesses, governments, and organizations.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Connection Economy Touching Everyone
I just took a fun ride around the top consulting firms such as:

McKinsey ( )

Boston Consulting Group ( )

Bain ( )

and Booze Allen ( )

If you feel a thaw in the corporate icebox you are right. The clear trend is toward the real and away from the canned. People are IN and candid moments and stories are attempting to do what every Internet marketer knows we must do - Win Hearts and Minds.

If your B2B website is stuck in canned photography land it is time to RETHINK, connect and Get Real!. We live in the time of the connected conversation. If the top consulting firms know it so should you.

Check the top consulting firms easily here:

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