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Content marketing is all the rage. Not only can it help expand your brand’s recognition and increase your traffic, it can be a powerful SEO benefit too.

Marty Note
Yeah been there and done a few of these, but the idea everything you create is going to go mega-viral creating LOVE and JOY throughout the land is crazy. If your content was that magical you would be on a beach with a frosty beverage and I would be runing to get you a towel (lol) or be your intern.

How I Use Scoop.it
The way you create GREAT content is to create enough content so that you know what greatness is and get to bat enough times to hit 3 or 4 out of ten out of the park. Here is how I use Scoop.it to increase my chances for success in content marketing:

* Testing ground
** Failure: http://www.scoop.it/t/an-ecommerce-smackdown.

* Almost instant feedback loop.

* Trend analysis.

** Use Scoop.it's solid and visual analytics.
* Proving Ground.

** If can't make it in Scoop.it idoesn't hit our blogs.

* Amplifier.
** If something pops offland (not on Scoop.it) include it.
* Idea Expansion.

This last bullet may be the most important. Since 10 - 20 of the best Internet marketers I know live in Scooop.it (@RobinGood, @Maxoz @SmallRivers team @gtpintado @MarketingHits @Kdietz @AtDotComSocial @JanLGordon and @MikeEllsworth just to name the ones that come immediately to mind) getting help with idea expansion is a key way to use Scoop.it.

I LISTEN to what any of these power curators / Internet marketers think about an idea. I change ideas when they share alternatives and I appreciate and value every interaction. These are some of the best IMers in the world so BUSY dosn't begin to describe them.

The best way to eliminate these 7 content marketing mistakes is to make them (lol), and then develop a process of tool mashup that will help you avoid making the same mistakes twice.