The Tiny Advantage Doctrine of Dual Survival on G+ via @Scenttrail | BI Revolution |

We lucky few Internet marketers make sand castles on the beach and he tide is always coming in. I started this G+ summary of "tiny advantage" thinking how similar Internet marketing is to Outward Bound.

But Dual Survival is a more apt analogy. No one summit our new marketing Everest alone anymore. We need TEAMS of great climbers, Sherpas and rope...lots of ROPE :).

I remember the deer in the headlights look I got from my last boss, founder of one of the larger web dev companies in the southeast, when I told him the most valuable "product" we created wasn't an individual website or app as much as it was a team capable of creating that app, SEO or email marketing

The PROCESS is what remains after the tide sweeps all yesterday's hard work out to see. I remember he looked at me funny :).