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Marty Note - Digital Listening Is Different
Cendrine and I are having a great conversation on G+ about the nature of listening online. Cendrine's great post shares TIps and Tools so you can become a tuned online listener. 

Great post. Here is what I shared on G+:

Are You Listening...Digitally?
Digital #listening  is different. Conversations provide nonverbal clues missing online, but online provides other kinds of clues. Online clues are easy to walk by without even knowing you just missed a clue. 

Examples of missed online clues abound and include:

* Small Follow Back % (sends "we don't listen" signal). 
* Pushing only YOUR content (need to act less proprietarily to become or act as an #authority ).
* Not curating or rewarding #ugc  (User Generated Content).
* Not responding to @yourtwitter mentions with RTs and thanks.
* Not responding to direct @yourtwitter messages.
* Not responding to Twitter DMs in a timely way (can be made worse by not following enough people to be able to DM).
* Not being present on a major social net (like +Google+ ).
* Not asking questions & then curating response.

Could go on and on, but you get the idea. LISTENING online is different and few do it well. 

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