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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from cross pond high tech!

Apple R&D Reveals a Pivot Is Coming, Will We Care? 

Apple R&D Reveals a Pivot Is Coming, Will We Care?  | BI Revolution |

People are focusing on the wrong thing when analyzing Apple's path forward in the face of slowing iPhone sales. 

Via Philippe J DEWOST
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Apple Pivot, Will We Care
Agree. Apple is looking for another disruption not looking to milk iPhone / iPad sales. And this is an understatement:

"I suspect most of this has been due to the fact that Apple does not draw attention to its product pipeline and long-term strategy, choosing instead to embrace secrecy and mystery. "

Open vs. Closed
The bigger question, for us, is the OPEN vs. CLOSED question. Apple hasn't made friends in the developer community. Sure we bend, scrape, plead and cry to have apps accepted, but the taste left with us is sour and painful. 

Android is trying to tighten standards having played, "Come One, Come All" a tad too loudly, but Apple is fickle and a pain. Yes it is good to be KING, but no one is KING of anything lasting that doesn't also inspire loyalty, trust and love. 

Most of the developers I know, even the ones who are rich thanks to Apple's app store, don't look forward to wrestling with Apple again. Some have achieved "trusted" status now, but they remember the blood and tears it took to get there. 

So note to Google, never tighten to the point where your tightening feels or seems capricious and mean. Apple has seemed capricious and mean to several developer friends who requested to remain nameless. Were they scared Apple might make a horrible process even harder? You bet. 

Apple is testimony to the power of "insanely great". NO ONE jumps through the seemingly arbitrary hoops Apple is known for unless "insanely great" is attached. I'm a huge Apple fan and have been since buying the Apple II back in the day. 

Lately I've caught myself wondering if the OVER (what I gain by being an Apple supporter) is worth the UNDER (what it takes to remain loyal). That is a conversation NO BRAND wants their customers to begin EVER since all the negative things leaving brings follows. 

The watch left me cold. I rarely wear watches anymore, but when I do I want something from MoMA and their tiny phone on your wrist looked more Dick Tracy than cool watch (to me). I'm wearing a watch to dinner tonight and it won't be an Apple Watch. 

My updated AIR is nothing but a pain. It doesn't fit my hands, the keyword is impossible to tune, and the screen too small. I never use it preferring my old Air (from 6 years ago). I love my iMac with the huge screen (what I'm writing on now), but it too was a failure. 

We tried moving my 83-year-old father over to the big Mac screen but accessibility features were a torture and he is a Windows guy and will remain one. My Macbook I like, but it is getting long in the tooth and clunky. My iPad Pro I LOVE and that is taking the place of the new AIR (that I hate) and my MacBook. 

Long diatribe, but I share my journey as a note of growing Apple frustration. My new EXPENSIVE Air was a disaster I should have sent back, but I kept thinking it was me. I don't think that way anymore and that can't be good for Apple. 

Philippe J DEWOST's curator insight, May 15, 3:57 AM

Drowning by Numbers ; Apple might be surprising us again by opening entirely new product / service categories and they have the resources for doing so.

Juan Ortega's curator insight, May 20, 4:34 AM
Historia de Apple con número de unidades vendidas de cada producto
Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

How To Attack An Internet Marketing Castle - Secret Matrix Shows Even Top Websites Have Weaknesses

How To Attack An Internet Marketing Castle - Secret Matrix Shows Even Top Websites Have Weaknesses | BI Revolution |
Even Top Websites Have Strengths and Weaknesses
As a Marketing Director for Atlantic BT I always want to know the same things when a new customer is…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

When new clients come to Atlantic BT we want to know four metrics:

* Traffic Rank.

* Social Following numbers.

* Pages and Inbound Links.

* PageRank (PR) for the home page and top interior page.

I've been an Internet marketer long enough to be able to almost tell a website's entire story from those 4 numbers. Each of these metrics is tied to the other in telling ways.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Top Websites
If you create a matrix of these values for the top websites it are easy to know where even an Apple is strong or weak. Apple has amazing page spread and links, but its traffic position doesn't deserve a PR9.

When you've been playing SEO games for more than 10 years you know Apple's inbound links include .edu links and those are the secret gold of the web. Google values .edu links higher. I just saw a demonstration of this when one of the cancer centers we are working with on Cure Cancer Starter was pulling a PR6 with the least amount of support I've seen.

The difference was in WHO was linking and again it was .edu links that helped the website achieve more than you or I could with the same page spread and inbound link numbers. WHO links to you is very important.

The chart above and on the link shows each website, no matter how all powerful, has areas for improvement. If you are entering a crowded web space do an analysis like this to help determine where to attack existing castles. If you want to attack Apple you would be a fool to attempt to out link them or page spread 'em.

Social would be the right breach weapon to use with Apple. Frankly I wouldn't envy anyone trying to attack Apple, but the point is if Apple has vulnerabilities so do your competitors.


Jeff Domansky's curator insight, January 16, 2013 3:29 PM

Valuable reading and social marketing analysis from Marty Smith...

Suggested by Christino Martin!

MCommerce Is All About The Pad [infographic]

MCommerce Is All About The Pad [infographic] | BI Revolution |
Infographic on Mobile eCommerce Platform driving sales from iPad, iPhone and Android Mobile with business marketing tactics for eCommerce sales from mobile
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Don't be turned off because this data is for the UK. The UK is a bell weather for USA because their penetration of ecommerce is higher (16% of total retail) probably because their gas is much more expensive (is one thought).

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Apple’s Profitable Gamification

Apple’s Profitable Gamification | BI Revolution |
Apple’s Gamification It was right there all the time. Apple is a game. The biggest company on earth doesn’t make the most popular anything, but everything it sells is intensely Continue reading &ra...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wrote this piece about Apple's intensely successful gamification after having a "should have had a V8" moment. Fascinating to estimate the value gamification brings to the stuffed animal claw machine (pictured above). 

Take $100 in wholesale stuffed animals and turn them into $20,000 via gamifcation something analogous to what Apple does with computers and phones.  

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