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My friend Dean Peters is right. YOU may have been your website's users at some distant point. Not so much now. Internet marketing teams look at their creation constantly. 

Let's call the resulting "snow blindness" Internet marketing blindness because the closer a team is to a website the less they see or can see. Great Tweet from IM Guru @DeanPeters.  


Here is Dean's note from LinkedIn: 

"*Why Do You Need #UserExperience Thinking* ? Because You are not your Users, and I quote: "Many people think they know their customer. Often, they don’t. In the User Experience (UX) Community, we are fond of saying ' _you are not your user_ .' Repeat that mantra over and over until you live it..

Be sure to follow Dean on Twitter. One of those rare people who every time you interact with him you LEARN something. M