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Do It Yourself Public Relations

Do It Yourself Public Relations | Business Improvement |
Daniel Watson's insight:

Business owners are often short of the funds needed to engage PR specialists, but still need to get the word out to the wider world, that they are open for business and have a product or service that customers need.

Certainly there are traps galore for novices, but with some guidance and a few smart rules to follow, most business owners can make a good fist of promoting their business to the media.

This excellent article, is aimed at the small business owner wanting to have a go at promoting their own business, and it offers good advice on how to proceed without making too many mistakes when doing so.

James Cracknell's curator insight, June 14, 2014 3:47 AM

An interesting flow of ideas - the DIY approach to PR - but we must first cultivate the news

Business Improvement
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Topic Introduction

Topic Introduction | Business Improvement |

This topic is a large collection of professionally filtered, quality business improvement advice, prepared for the owners and managers of small to medium sized business enterprises in the English speaking world.

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This topic is fully searchable. Simply click on the funnel symbol in the tool bar and enter your search term or phrase, or alternatively scroll down the extensive list of key words to find the closest match to your query.

Ismo Kuhanen's curator insight, August 7, 6:51 AM


This topic is fully searchable. Simply click on the funnel symbol in the tool bar and enter your search term or phrase, or alternatively scroll down the extensive list of key words to find the closest match to your query.

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How to use Twitter as a Locally Focussed Entrepreneur

How to use Twitter as a Locally Focussed Entrepreneur | Business Improvement |
16 Quick Tips on How To Use Twitter For Business if You're A Local Entrepreneur (Part 1)
Daniel Watson's insight:

Twitter is a much more powerful lead generator for small business than most small business owners realise. Any business owner who values low cost marketing that delivers a good return on the time invested, should do all they can to acquaint themselves with the power of Twitter, to grow business for entrepreneurs who seek customers from within their local geographic area. This is part 1 of the article. Part 2 is available from a link in this first part.

Craig Broadbent's curator insight, October 6, 12:54 AM

Part 1 of a 2 part series on how to leverage twitter! Worth reading..some good tips here.

ashraf mohammed's curator insight, October 7, 5:03 AM

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TeamHousingSolutions's curator insight, October 7, 5:03 PM

The best Twitter Tips for Businesses! 

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Ideas for Marketing Your Business on a Small Budget

Ideas for Marketing Your Business on a Small Budget | Business Improvement |
Whether you're new in business or you want to find more low-cost ways to do marketing, this post will show you 75 ways around how to market your business.
Daniel Watson's insight:

Inspiration is sometimes hard to find when it comes to creating low cost marketing for a small business. As most small business owners don't have unlimited time, piggy-backing on other's ideas is usually necessary, if any marketing is to occur. There are some great ideas in this list of 75 low cost marketing ideas that can be quickly implemented, often with quick results.

pil-obatkuat's curator insight, September 24, 9:40 AM

thenx you

Jeremy Barton's curator insight, September 25, 5:49 AM

Lots of good ideas, some are bound to be just right for you..

Saadia Asif's curator insight, September 27, 3:41 AM

Some great ideas for small and mid-sized businesses. I found myself nodding along with a lot of them. Select the ones that resonate and run with them.

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7 Good Small Business Marketing Links

7  Good Small Business Marketing Links | Business Improvement |

Strategies: 7 Small Business Marketing tricks : Make time for marketing to ensure small business success. 

Daniel Watson's insight:

Marketing for small businesses is always a tough gig. Lack of time and money, coupled with insufficient knowledge of what works and what doesn't, means that for many marketing is very much a hit and miss affair. The 7 links in this article are worth a look and should help anyone struggling to get traction with their business marketing endeavours.

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10 Things Your Employees Need From You

10 Things Your Employees Need From You | Business Improvement |
Your business can only grow as far as your hand can reach, which means you need employees. But your employees need to have a win/win relationship with you.
Daniel Watson's insight:

Whether you regard your employees as a business development resource and therefore an asset, or a cost or burden thereby being a liability, is an indicator of how they will be treated. Employees obviously react to how they are treated, and if their needs are not met, your business will have high turnover, low productivity, or both. This article provides a good list of what you need to provide to your employees to get the best from them, and to ensure they are assets, and not liabilities, for your business.

Jeremy Barton's curator insight, September 18, 2:54 AM

Are you getting the best out of your employees?

Jean-Guy Frenette's curator insight, September 18, 4:37 PM


Dr. Deborah Brennan's curator insight, September 22, 1:22 PM

These practices are true for small businesses, and they are also true in our schools.  A principal must be deliberate in their daily practices in order to retain their best employees.  Quality teachers are critical to school success.  Our high needs schools, in particular, depend on high quality teachers to overcome the external factors students bring to school. Principals in these schools must leverage best practices to retain their best teachers and other staff!

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5 Video Tutorials To Help You Create Beautiful Presentations

5 Video Tutorials To Help You Create Beautiful Presentations | Business Improvement |
Here is a collection of 5 video design tutorials with step-by-step instructions that will help you create beautiful presentations.
Daniel Watson's insight:

Presentations can make or break any pitch for new business or business finance, so it is really important, that your presentations really sing. As most business owners do not possess the skills to create a beautiful presentation, they often fall far short of what is ideal, in handling important business situations. To improve, a business owner must either outsource, or develop their own skills. Those looking to develop their own skills, will find these 5 video tutorials a great starting point.

Guillermo Meza's curator insight, September 10, 10:11 AM

5 Video Tutorials To Help You Create Beautiful Presentations

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5 Technology Tips To Boost Employee Productivity

5 Technology Tips To Boost Employee Productivity | Business Improvement |
As a small business, we know that we don't have unlimited budgets and resources to get everything done.
Daniel Watson's insight:

In this day and age, it never ceases to surprise that so many small businesses do not take full advantage of the technology available to them, to help improve business outcomes. One area where technology can really help is in improving employee productivity. This article, provides good pointers to anyone who knows that their business is lagging behind when it comes to employing the latest technological aids, to make their employees lives easier and more productive.

Guy R Cook's curator insight, September 7, 7:54 PM

Mobile first.

George Schildge's curator insight, September 8, 7:54 AM

Any to add?

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Top 10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips

Top 10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips | Business Improvement |
As a small business owner, social media can feel overwhelming. So what are the best methods to market your small business using social media?
Daniel Watson's insight:

Social media for small business ventures is very much a "dammed if you don't" and "dammed if you do, but get it wrong" scenario. This makes it vital that business owners learn as much as they can about social media, and then dip their toes into the waters carefully. This article is an excellent guide to set anyone on the right path to making social media work for their small business.

Ed Crowley's curator insight, September 2, 8:52 AM

Good advice!

Franklyn Galusha's curator insight, September 2, 11:12 AM

Social media is the journey your website is the destination! . Social media is not about you it's about your Customers or potential customer. Put the work in and you will be rewarded.

primecavus's curator insight, September 7, 6:17 AM