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Dealing with Ambiguity: The New Business Imperative

Dealing with Ambiguity: The New Business Imperative | Business Improvement |
Daniel Watson's insight:

Decision making, in today's fast moving and ever changing business world, requires business owners to become adept at dealing with ambiguity.

Recognising that taking a black and white view of the world, will result  in a business owner struggling to deal with the complexities associated with modern business operations, is the first step towards learning to deal with ambiguity.

This excellent article, suggests that dealing with ambiguity is the new business imperative, and it offers 10 tips to assist business owners to improve their ability to deal with ambiguity.

Sigrid de Kaste's curator insight, September 1, 2013 6:55 PM

Yes...definitely essential for business owners to become skilled at dealing with many faceted projects and are you coping?

Jenny Ebermann's curator insight, September 4, 2013 4:09 PM

This is exactly what you will learn when immersing yourself into Personal Leadership (PL). Definitely not easy but worth a try!

Bryce Wettstein's curator insight, September 15, 2013 8:37 PM

This is a great article about how to deal with ambiguity in a business. It gives a few tips on different ways to cope with uncertainty and to aid with decision-making during those stressful times. It also talks about not being afraid to be wrong, and that when you are wrong, first fix the problem and then frame it as a learning opportunity instead of dwelling on the negative. Especially important is #8 which speaks on "gut feelings" and how to listen to them.

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Topic Introduction

Topic Introduction | Business Improvement |


This topic is a curated collection of quality business improvement advice, carefully filtered to met the needs of owners and managers of small to medium sized business enterprises. 



Daniel Watson's insight:


If you find this topic useful, please follow it and share this link with other business owners and managers in your network.


Comments on articles are always welcome, as are suggestions for improvement of the topic, but please refrain from spamming. 


ismokuhanen's curator insight, August 7, 2015 6:51 AM


This topic is fully searchable. Simply click on the funnel symbol in the tool bar and enter your search term or phrase, or alternatively scroll down the extensive list of key words to find the closest match to your query.

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How to Use Email to Automate Your Lead Qualification Process

How to Use Email to Automate Your Lead Qualification Process | Business Improvement |

Long story short we've managed to automate lead qualification, follow ups and appointment scheduling to the point where all I have to do is wake up and check my calendar for appointments.

Daniel Watson's insight:


Qualifying website leads can be a time consuming and sometimes futile exercise for business owners. If you capture leads directly from your website, you need to seriously consider automatically qualifying these prospects, utilising the power of automated email processing. This article provides 20 examples of ways in which you can use email to simplify the qualification process, and save you a lot of time that you can use to make more sales.

Jeremy Barton's curator insight, February 5, 1:19 AM

Some great ideas here.

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How to Successfully Generate B2B Leads Using Social Media

How to Successfully Generate B2B Leads Using Social Media | Business Improvement |

We are in an era where almost everyone and everything is on social media. Savvy marketers are taking note of this and are doing their best to connect with their target market on every social media platform that they are in.

Daniel Watson's insight:


If your business is in the business of selling its products or services to other businesses, then using social media to generate your B2B leads, is something that you will need to wrap your head around sooner than you might expect (unless you are already up to speed).  Given the steep learning curve that social media entails, anything that can assist a business owner to dip their toe into the social media pond, is most welcome. This excellent collection of articles relevant to such business owners, is a great starting point for taking the first step, towards generating future leads via low cost social media means.

Kimberly Kline's curator insight, February 2, 1:44 PM

As a B2B company myself, I recognize the value of using social media to reach my clients.  It has been important for building my brand, especially when it comes to my blog and relevant post sharing!

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Social Business Strategy - 7 Success Factors

Social Business Strategy - 7 Success Factors | Business Improvement |

A social business  is not a marketing strategy or a technology roadmap but rather a way or philosophy of how business could be done differently…in a much more human manner.

Daniel Watson's insight:


Expecting to achieve success from your social media activities without having developed and deployed an effective social business strategy, is akin to wishful thinking. Generally speaking, businesses with clearly defined business strategies that are well executed, will always outperform counterparts operating without clear strategic intent. Social media is no different, and this article and infographic from social media expert Brian Solis, provides a good blueprint for any business looking to succeed as a fully fledged social business.

Mike Allen's curator insight, January 27, 3:35 AM

Every company has a culture and philosophy of work. Without careful attention and hard work it may degrade into carelessness or arrogance with inevitable decline. Content marketing to build relationships and lifetime value needs excellent developing content!

Gonzalo Moreno's curator insight, January 27, 6:07 AM

COMMUNITY component in eBusiness Strategy and UX design.


Marco Favero's curator insight, January 27, 9:14 AM

aggiungere la vostra comprensione ...

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31 LinkedIn Tools for Business Growth

31 LinkedIn Tools for Business Growth | Business Improvement |

It's time for your small business to take advantage of LinkedIn. There are plenty of LinkedIn tools for business to help boost growth.

Daniel Watson's insight:


As a serious business owner or manager, you most likely have both a LinkedIn Personal Profile as well as a LinkedIn Business Page, but are you taking advantage of the LinkedIn tools that can help you to accelerate the growth of your business. Lack of awareness of the tools LinkedIn has made available over time, is no longer an excuse for not maximising the value of LinkedIn, as this article has captured the essence of what a business owner needs to know to put their business growth on steroids. 

Roberto Crosignani's curator insight, January 21, 3:40 PM

Se avete scelto LinkedIn per cercare lavoro o per cogliere l'opportunità di stringere l'accordo per qualche collaborazione proficua per la propria attività, non potete fare a meno di questi tools che vi aiutano a rendere ancora più efficace il vostro profilo.

Jeremy Barton's curator insight, January 22, 1:02 AM

Some of these are bound to work for you.

Ian Berry's curator insight, January 22, 11:17 PM

As good an article I've come across. I've used LinkedIn to successful attract lead that have converted to clients without investing any money. Google Adam Houlahan who is also excellent

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The 5 Keys to Achieving Accountability in Your Business

The 5 Keys to Achieving Accountability in Your Business | Business Improvement |

You need to be clear in five areas if you want to create a culture of individual accountability in your business.

Daniel Watson's insight:


Businesses that become very successful, and are the envy of their peers, tend to have cultures which feature strong accountability. A common complaint of less successful business owners is the lack of accountability displayed by their employees. Overcoming a lack of accountability in any business requires a plan of attack, and the resolve to see it through. The tips in this article are as good as you will find anywhere, and if fully applied, should deliver the desired result.

Begoña Pabón's curator insight, January 15, 7:37 AM

En las empresas suele ser habitual cierta incomodidad sobre el desempeño de los equipos. ¿La clave? Claridad en 5 areas basicas: expectativas, capacidades, medicion, feedback y consecuencias.

Tina Bilazarian's curator insight, January 15, 10:53 AM

Communication as well.