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Professional coaching is a thought provoking & creative process inspiring clients to maximize their personal & professional potential
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Rescooped by Miklos Szilagyi from Strategic Management!

How Your Brain Responds to Performance Rankings

How Your Brain Responds to Performance Rankings | Business Coaching |
Watch this video to see why traditional employee evaluations are flawed. For more insights, read " Kill Your Performance Ratings ."

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Miklos Szilagyi's insight:

In short: badly... interesting material...

ellenjharris's curator insight, September 5, 2014 11:27 PM

With direct experience with the traditional model, many highly talented professionals were mis-ranked in their careers.  The results of mis-ranking meant a loss of the very types of professionals companies desperately want to hire but cannot find. 


Too often the 'right' person for the position is not inspired to work for organization s who place metrics above how people interact and engage to accomplish project tasks. 


The model referenced in this video is one found outside the United States in companies whose studies around organizational development and behavior through knowledge management have reduced the 'barrier's-to-entry' where disparate team are encouraged to collaborate, innovate. 


This invariably leads to competitive advantage in global markets where the U.S. struggles to sustain a competitive position.


Siloed organizations are now fortressed in a manner that stymies growth and stalls internal progression for a variety of professionals who determine their only option is to devise their own exit strategy from an professionally unhealthy work environment.


The solutions require a dedication to an end result with direct impact on top-line growth.  Unfortunately human metrics get in the way of revenue growth and the possibilities for true market advantage go unrealized.


And the talented exit in droves to find opportunities that support their vision of a company in which departments and divisions interact and engage for a common goal of revenue excellence.

Rescooped by Miklos Szilagyi from Complex systems and projects!

Reasons to stop measuring

Reasons to stop measuring | Business Coaching |

Before implementing any change programs, it is very important for a systemic business coach to see the  structures and mental models which are  ruling the organization .It’s those mental models which create the system structure and as such patterns and behaviors.

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Miklos Szilagyi's insight:

A good one... The popes of the SMART-overdone are doomed here...