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Business change
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Strategic Storytelling | Business Truisms

Strategic Storytelling | Business Truisms | Business change |
Every so often, a traditionally non-business word finds its way into the business world, fueled by an admirable desire to find new ways to think about old challenges. “Storytelling” has become one of those words.


What a nicely written article pointing to several truisms in business storytelling. Some you are familiar with (storytelling is a pull, not a push technology). I like the ones that I don't read much about:
1. Storytelling is a selfless, empowering act
2. Storytelling looks to the future


As the author Bill Baker (from Marketing Profs) says, "Successful storytelling respects the past and appreciates the present, but it also looks boldly into the future, moving people past “what is” to “what if?” Done well, storytelling helps people collectively imagine a vision of the future that is achievable and worth achieving, helping them to understand not only what they’re working on but also what they’re working toward." Yes!


And, "As you consider using storytelling strategically to give meaning to your brand communications or employee-engagement efforts, don’t do so simply because it is “the next big thing.” Do it because, if you truly listen and you are willing to be generous, authentic, emotional, and collectively creative— it works. As one senior client recently said, “This is a bit frightening. I feel vulnerable; but at the same time, because I’m being myself, I feel more confident.” If your organization is ready for that journey, there’s a great story ahead."


Love it. This is a quick post that is rich in insights & examples (ignore its clunky layout). Enjoy!


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

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The Power of Story in Business Analysis

The Power of Story in Business Analysis | Business change |

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before – you’re on a project that was thrust on your stakeholder groups from high above.  They were insufficiently consulted during the problem definition phase, and they are now questioning everything during implementation. These stakeholders can’t get the project to be outright cancelled, but they can cause it to be ultimately unsuccessful if they don’t commit to putting their time and energy into ensuring that the solution being developed is appropriately used.


Sound familiar? It sure does to me! 


So what is a leader, manager, consultant to do? Add stories into the mix.


I like this article because it directly addresses the difficulties of project management, enrolling people to your cause, and how stories can be one of the remedies applied.


The author includes 3 steps to shift the situation and get your projects back on track. If you are stuck -- read this. 


And if you consult with others, tuck this list in your back pocket to keep your clients & project on track.


Read the full article here: ;


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

Via Karen Dietz
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Glad you like it Jan! Thanks for the comment. Have a great weekend :)
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Storytelling always keeps your audience engaged.