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Business change
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How to survive disruption

How to survive disruption | Business change |

Maxwell Wessel is a fellow at the Forum for Growth and Innovation and a senior researcher at Harvard Business School. Clayton M. Christensen is the Kim B Clark Professor of Business Administration at HBS.

Disruptive innovations are like missiles launched at your business. For 20 years we’ve described missile after missile that took aim and annihilated its target: Napster, Amazon and the Apple Store devastated Tower Records and Musicland; digital photography made film practically obsolete.

And all along we’ve prescribed a single response to ensure that when the dust settles, you’ll still have a viable business: develop a disruption of your own before it’s too late to reap the rewards of participation in new, high-growth markets – as Apple did with the iPod, iTunes, the iPad and the iPhone. That prescription is, if anything, even more imperative in an increasingly volatile world.

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Peter Senge Presentation

Peter Senge's presentation from the 2012 Better by Design CEO Summit.


Worth while listening to at least twice. 

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