bullying at school
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Hi, my name is Tara and I am twenty three years old.   Twelve years ago, my beautiful little brother Julian was born. He changed my life, and made me a better person. My mom often had to work two or three jobs to support us, so Julian was like my own child for most of my life. We did everything together. As he got older, he would often accidentally call me 'mom' and always complain that I was more of his mom than his older sister. Our family loves each other very much, and we were happy together.

Julian always had problems in school. He was often bullied, and we would always address it to the school, but we often heard 'boys will be boys'.  Julian could of been considered a 'loner'.  He always said he had no friends and complained about getting bullied in school. We even put him in a private school at one time to try to make things better for him, but it never was. He ended up hating school, he never wanted to go. He was often labeled as 'weird' or 'different'. To me, he was a sensitive, beautiful, original child. He was very intelligent for his age, and we would have great conversations.

A year ago, I bought a duplex so that I could be closer to my mother and little brother. They lived below my boyfriend and I.  Julian started in a new school, and he insisted it was better there when we asked if he liked it.  If only we knew.

Two months ago, on January 10th, Monday morning, my mother found my brother hanging from his bunk bed, dead.  His feet were almost touching the ground.  She came upstairs, before the police even got there, and I woke up with the sound of her yelling into the phone, and she had the worst look on her face, I knew something was terribly wrong. She told me what was wrong, and I ran as fast as I could, thinking I might help him, but he was gone, she said.

When Julian took his own life, I feel like he took mine too. I think about him always, I am obsessed with him.  I miss him more than anything.  I would of done anything for him.  And I never got to say good-bye.  Life really hurts right now.

You know, we never would have expected this. Not in a million years. All of my future, I pictured him in it. I always thought I would die before him, I never questioned that. And we never had any clues about what he intended to do. If we did, we would of helped him to feel better. People think that it would be obvious if someone is suicidal, but it isn't always.

Your website is so touching and helpful. I cried reading all the stories of the other kids. I am so sorry that the world has to be so cruel, that people can be so cruel to one another.

One of the children said that "Julian always got picked on and teased at school." It breaks my heard into millions of pieces. We have to do something to stop this brutality. We have to teach by example to love each other, to have patience, tolerance, and understanding of peoples differences... and perhaps our children are learning this bullying behavior from adults... it has to begin with understanding, tolerance, and love in grownup's too.

My heart breaks for my little brother, but it breaks for all this cruelty in the world, and for the pain your family and so many others family has to go through.

When someone decides to take their life, they must understand they are taking their family and friends life too. Although I would love to be with my little brother right away, I know I could never as I would not put my family in such excruciating pain as we feel now. It changes your life, it makes it feel emptier. The grief is crippling. And nothing will make it better, except if time were reversed, and if Julian was still with us.

Please don't!  To all of those who are thinking of it;  I beg of you!  Be with those who love you!

Eliza Freedman's insight:

Why do you think that Julian was being bullied so much?  How do you think Julian's mom and sister felt when he comitted suicide?  What could his family have done differently?  How could Julian have dealt with this in a better way? How do you think the bullies feel now that Julian has done what he did?

Alexander Smith's comment, January 31, 2013 1:19 PM
Julian was probably bullied because he either was small and weak, or had different ideas. Julians faimily was obviously devastated by Julian's death and most likely blamed themselves for not being supportive. His faimily could have put more attention to Julian and changed schools until they found a hit.Julian couldn't have ignored it but he could have at least tried to make freinds. Bullies and people like them will never take the blame the will insist they didn't mean it, or they didn't think he would take it that way.
Eliza Freedman's comment, January 31, 2013 9:25 PM
I agree with this comment, and I also thought that his family could have paid better attention to him, put him in a different school, or tell that school more about what was happening and how it needed to change. he could have made friends, but since he was being bullies, other kids might not have wanted to be friends with him.
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For Bullied Bus Monitor, Karen Klein, Donations to Take Hurt Away

For Bullied Bus Monitor, Karen Klein, Donations to Take Hurt Away | bullying at school | Scoop.it
An online fund-raising drive for a 68-year-old Rochester woman who was brutally taunted by a group of 12- and 13-year-old boys has proved hugely successful.
Ella Thomason's curator insight, January 24, 2013 11:22 PM

In my opinion, these boys did this because they thought that they would become popular, and they would gain attention. i think that the seventh grade boys posted this to be funny. This action was a mistake! If they thought that there was any humor in this, they were just plain desprite for attention. There is nothing funny about this. The boys probably didn't have an inspiration to this horrible act. My response to this is NOT laughter. My response is anger and sadness. 

Carter Griffin's comment, January 25, 2013 7:51 AM
I believe that these boys bullied this woman to amuse their peers and gain popularity among their friends. I think they probably uploaded the video to YouTube for the same reason. They thought they would be famous for bullying this woman, and they are, but not in a good way. These kids should be ashamed for what they did. This is just plain cruel.
TrippVaughn's curator insight, January 28, 2013 8:00 PM

     I think the boys were insecure and wanted to become popular. They probably were insecure about their weight, the amount they sweat, and their hearing. They also thought that doing this would make them popular and cool. 


     They posted the video on youtube because the boys probably thought that doing this would make them cool and popular. If they spread the word about it the boys thought that it would make them more popular.


     The boys'motivation was to feel better about themselves and to gain attention by becoming popular.


     This article horrified and sickened me while it brightened my day at the end. it is just shocking that anybody would do such a crime, especially to a grammother. The way Max Sidorov responded is just amazing. he raised massive amounts of money for Mrs. Klein. Finnaly, raising money for Max Sidorov is a great idea. Giving kindness back to the giver is the best way to respond to anything like this.

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Bullying and Teasing: No Laughing Matter | Scholastic.com

Bullying and Teasing: No Laughing Matter | Scholastic.com | bullying at school | Scoop.it
Know the facts about bullying — even if you don’t think it affects your child.
Emily Sheridan's comment, January 24, 2013 11:14 PM
This article is written for parents whose children were or are bullied. Most of the time parents don't feel the same pain as children do. They don't understand what it is like to be bullied.This article is very helpful for parents yet sometimes there are no solutions. This article is very helpful for parents yet sometimes there is no solution. I think it is wonderful to get bullying articles out into the world so people can read them and wont bully.
Evans McCook's comment, January 30, 2013 9:19 AM
This article is written for parents to aware them about bullying. The acrticle says the solutions for bullying and causes of bullying. I think this article is helpful for parents ,so they can get ideas on how to help there child to not be bullied .
Evans McCook's comment, January 30, 2013 8:13 PM
I think this article is very helpful for people who are being bullied, especially their parents!