Bullying and Hallie's Opinions
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Rescooped by Hallie Boatright from Sajan's thoughts about bullying

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Friends knew the eighth-grader was gay. His family accepted him for it. But others used it as a reason to taunt and tease him. On Sept. 19, he could take it no more

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Hallie Boatright's comment, January 30, 2013 2:59 PM
I would be his friend because I believe no person should ever be bullied to the point where they commit suicide. Friends are there for each other, and clearly, his best friend was not going to be a good friend. We sometimes forget that we are all human and humans are humans no matter what they believe. No person should die because they believe something different from other people. He most likely committed suicided because he could not take the taunting and teasing anymore. He got to the point were it was so bad, that he thought the solution was to kill himself.
sajan patel's comment, January 30, 2013 3:00 PM
(the commit up top is suppose to be commit)
sajan patel's comment, January 30, 2013 5:14 PM
I agree with you and disagree. I think Seth Walsh relates to August not only because he is different, but also because many people talk about August like people talk about Seth Walsh. I disagree because August has Jack to stand up for him. His best friend did turn on him and he also was the one who started the rumor. You are right about that. I would also be friends with Seth Walsh because no person should be bullied period. However, I think he committed suicide because of what you said, but also because of peer pressure.
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For Bullied Bus Monitor, Karen Klein, Donations to Take Hurt Away

For Bullied Bus Monitor, Karen Klein, Donations to Take Hurt Away | Bullying and Hallie's Opinions | Scoop.it
An online fund-raising drive for a 68-year-old Rochester woman who was brutally taunted by a group of 12- and 13-year-old boys has proved hugely successful.
Ella Thomason's curator insight, January 24, 2013 11:22 PM

In my opinion, these boys did this because they thought that they would become popular, and they would gain attention. i think that the seventh grade boys posted this to be funny. This action was a mistake! If they thought that there was any humor in this, they were just plain desprite for attention. There is nothing funny about this. The boys probably didn't have an inspiration to this horrible act. My response to this is NOT laughter. My response is anger and sadness. 

Carter Griffin's comment, January 25, 2013 7:51 AM
I believe that these boys bullied this woman to amuse their peers and gain popularity among their friends. I think they probably uploaded the video to YouTube for the same reason. They thought they would be famous for bullying this woman, and they are, but not in a good way. These kids should be ashamed for what they did. This is just plain cruel.
TrippVaughn's curator insight, January 28, 2013 8:00 PM

     I think the boys were insecure and wanted to become popular. They probably were insecure about their weight, the amount they sweat, and their hearing. They also thought that doing this would make them popular and cool. 


     They posted the video on youtube because the boys probably thought that doing this would make them cool and popular. If they spread the word about it the boys thought that it would make them more popular.


     The boys'motivation was to feel better about themselves and to gain attention by becoming popular.


     This article horrified and sickened me while it brightened my day at the end. it is just shocking that anybody would do such a crime, especially to a grammother. The way Max Sidorov responded is just amazing. he raised massive amounts of money for Mrs. Klein. Finnaly, raising money for Max Sidorov is a great idea. Giving kindness back to the giver is the best way to respond to anything like this.

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jackson-body.jpg (354x584 pixels) | Bullying and Hallie's Opinions | Scoop.it
sajan patel's comment, January 30, 2013 2:57 PM
(in the first sentence the makes should be made) I would have figured out a solution like ignoring the bullies or stand up to the bully. I think Jackson should have figured out a solution instead of eating because then the bullies will have more things to bully you about. I think that if he didn't turn to food he wouldn't be on the biggest loser and wouldn't have to burn all of that fat(not trying to be mean). Bullying can effect eating habits by the only way for some people to overcome bullying is to eat a lot which makes them feel cozy.
Hallie Boatright's comment, January 30, 2013 3:21 PM
Very true. He should had confronted the bullies instead of eating all that junk. However, I think bullying can also turn you to food because it gives you a sense of serenity. Most people have a thing or place they think gives them a more peaceful aspect on life. I agree that it would save him a lot of time not going to the Biggest Loser.
Teach Rhodes's comment, February 1, 2013 12:55 PM
I need to clarify: it wasn't a rumor that he was gay. He "came out," meaning he revealed that he identified himself as being a homosexual. Either way, the bullying was the same. However, instead of being able to deny it, he had to deal with the fact that people honestly felt like his TRUE SELF wasn't worth being kind to.
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Bully Official Trailer #1 - Weinstein Company Movie (2012) HD

Bully Official Trailer #1 - Weinstein Company Movie (2012) HD This year, over 5 million American kids will be bullied at school, online, on the bus, at home,...
Mark Barrow's comment, January 24, 2013 2:08 PM
This story reminds me of Wonder (underlined) because both kids are bullied for being different. August is bullied for not looking "normal" and the boy in the movie is bullied for being smarter than "normal." People who join in on bullying are less likely to get bullied themselves. They can become friends with the bully and escape the torments of being a victim. In my opinion, parents are not very useful in preventing bullying. In most cases, kids don't want to tell their parents that they are being bullied, or they will sound like a snitch. The role that the kids play is much more crucialthan the parents. Obviously, your parents are going to stick up for you, but what you really need is for other kids to help you. If the bullies finds themselves out-numbered, they may back down.
Amelia Kate Foulkes's comment, January 24, 2013 10:47 PM
This movie reminds me of Wonder because it is about a boy who is getting bullied because of his physical appearance. I think join bullies because they think that the bully is cool and knows if he's on the bully's side, then he won't be the next target. Parents can do speeches and assemblies to tell kids how to prevent bullying, but, at the end of the day, if a bully wants to hurt someone physically or emotionally, they will despite actions of adults. The role of adults is smaller because bullying usually occurs when adults are not around. Also, most adults don't really understand bullying because it is different now than it was when they were growing up. Parents can prevent bullying by making sure their kid isn't the bully and helping their kid. Kids can help by being nice to kids that get bullied a lot or telling their friend if they are bullying someone, because usually the bully doesn't even realize the extent of their bullying until later.
John McMaster's comment, January 30, 2013 9:12 AM
This trailer reminds me of Wonder (underlined) because of a couple different reasons. The first one, of course, is that he was bullied at school, but it also reminds me of Wonder (underlined) because he did not want to go to school because of the mean kids, which relates to August's excuse. I think that it would be tempting to join in on bullying because the bullies are usually the cool kids, so you feel like agreeing with the cool kids will make you cool. I think that parents play a big role in bullying because a victim of bullying to tell his mom or dad, without anyone knowing. I would think, and hope, that the bullys' parents do not want the children to bully, so if the bullied child's parents told the bully's parents, the bully would most likely get into trouble. However, a common reason for bullying is a lack of a family life, so in some cases, telling the bully's parents may not stop anything. I think that a parent's role in bullying is smaller than the child's, because the child has to stand up for himself at one point, and have the parents as a backup plan. If the child can learn to be strong and stand up for himself, he will eventually be strong enough to not be to hurt by bullying. THis will let the victim be able to overcome bullying completely, and the whole problem will be solved.