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Building Effective Relationships With Students
Topics around student engagement as it relates to adults, school and learning.
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Rescooped by Mary Perfitt-Nelson from School Psychology Tech!

Teaching Empathy: hey, that's networked leadership!

Teaching Empathy: hey, that's networked leadership! | Building Effective Relationships With Students |


As I read this article on Forbes tonight, Teaching Empathy: The Ancient Way Is Now Cutting-Edge it struck me that the four things they suggest we teach for empathy also represent network leadership.


- Teach listening as a core skill and expect it as a cultural practice. 


- Start by being an active listener yourself and give people the time they need to reflect.


- Time not made for someone is time wasted.Make dialogue a primary team, group or classroom practice. 


- Dialogue opens the doors to exploration—what Peter Senge in his guide “The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook” calls “skillful discussion,” where thoughtful decisions can be made that honor all participants (or, in business, stakeholders).


- Identify roles, not organizational charts. When people are able to articulate their role, what they need to be successful and what gets in the way of their success, an empathic understanding is present and the beginnings of a healthy team, class or group takes shape.


- Lead with consistency, authenticity and honesty.


- Be clear as to why you are doing what you are doing.


- Do not lead or manage through personality but rather through articulation. To articulate is to clarify.


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Rescooped by Mary Perfitt-Nelson from 21st Century Learning and Teaching!

Change Your Words... Change Your World

A powerful clip relaying the how effective the right words can be will change your world, your classrooms, your students, your children.






WOW! That video touched me! I nearly had tears in my eyes, a MUST watch!

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Changing how you view your world can simply change your world.  

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really true. This is marketing