The Write Conversation : Tips to Finding Relevant Twitter Hashtags | building community through social media |

If you’re tweeting about a new subject, be sure to check the hashtags and pick ones that will correctly target your audience.


There are four sites that can be recommended. 

1) This site gives a list of trending hashtags, a graph and a search box to type in potential hashtags. After typing in a hashtag, it lists current tweets containing that hashtag. 2) It also gives you a graph, along with a search box. But it’s graph allows you to check the trends for the past 180 days. 3) Like the others, What the Trend has current trends, a graph and a search box. I included it because it also explains why a particular hashtag is trending. 4) - this site has a map that tells you what is trending where. This is particularly helpful if you’re targeting a specific area. by Edie Melson

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