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When we'd shut up shop we were off to the next village of Bugarach for a shared meal and event of circle dancing.
This turned out to be a joy, a wonderfully groovy evening, quite in the spirit of Avalon. Indeed, one of the dances we did was called Wind On The Tor and had been created in Glastonbury.
A Balkan band produced lively music, and there were so many new faces to acquaint ourselves with, as well as Chloe and Richard whom we knew. 
One little grouplet, from the Chalabre area,  was particularly friendly, a rotund short lady, Esther, with her cute fluffy doggess Venus, her daughter Deva, and friend Jan, a schoolteacher, with had a lot of eye contact and smiles with me.
I conversed in French with Esther and she told me that the imposing mountain overlooking Bugarach attracted many people with its Christ energy, and that from it would emerge 'Jesus' in the form of the 'new man' and the 'new woman'.
We danced in blissfulness, ate the shared meal, and yet again resumed dancing. First we danced on the lawn, then in the school building. At past midnight we ended the evening with a big group hug, of energy and love, and also the temptation to giggle.

Ascending the hill, on our homewards journey, we were stopped from proceeding further by a wild boar on the road. Neither the lights or the engine scared it away. It was fascinating to observe this sanglier as I think it is called in France.