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Now the people in the French village of Bugarach is now claiming their village as the only place to survive the doomsday.


Less than  16 days left for the most-anticipated date of the year, December 21  2012 the Mayan apocalypse. While we are getting near to this alleged end of the world, some people are using this to their advantage. People in the French village of  Bugarach are now doing the same thing. They are claiming this village as the only place to survive the doomsday, and be alive.

These people believes that there’s an “alien garage” underneath this village, where aliens are hiding, waiting for the Mayan-apocalypse to end and to leave the planet, hopefully taking  some of these people with them.

Villagers in Bugarach welcomes people to save themselves by moving to this small village, where only 176 people lives. But, it’s not for free. You will have to pay about $1950-US dollars to spend a night. If you’re going there, you will have to book a room quick because once the apocalypse begins, they wont be taking in anyone near the village.

Even the NASA confirmed that these doomsday rumors are actually based on false facts. Although, there are some people who still insists on believing on the ancient Mayan myth. Bugarach seems like a nice place for those people, if you could ever afford it?