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Pic de Bugarach...is there a 2012 story in this area of France ???




What does Bugarach in France have to do with 2012, armageddon, the end of the world, or prophecy and predictions of the apocalypse ?

In a series of posts on 2012 prediction review over the next weeks we look into this small French community hoping to find out how Bugarach has become a player in the 2012 phenomena.

We hope to answer how UFO's and religious sectarian cults meld Bugarach to the end of times....somehow.

We hope to discover some interesting facts about locals of this small France community and facts about expats and hippies who have found interest in the Pic de Bugarach which is an elevation in the Pyrenees Mountains.

We hope to identify who the cultists are who claim that this area of France is the safe haven that will carry them through 2012 alive.

We hope to discover how Atlantis and Lemuria, the lost continents of long ago eras, come to play a role in the growing relation between Bugarach and 2012.

We hope to discover how more down to earth people who believe these legends and religious convictions are a dangerous proposition that could lead to the death of followers are dealing with the relationship between 2012 and the small France community of Bugarach.

Where is Bugarach and the Pic de Bugarach ?

The image below may be a beginning for the reader to follow up on.....

Future posts on Bugarach on 2012 predictions review may also serve to answer some of your questions on why suddenly this area of France is making 2012 news.