PAUL WESTON (former head of British Freedom party) launches new political party to confront militant Islam and end ethnic cleansing of the UK | Britain is for British |

Liberty GB Press Release:

At midday on Saturday 9th March 2013 Paul Weston, former UKIP candidate and former British Freedom Chairman, launches a new patriotic party called ‘Liberty GB’. (FYI: Paul Weston has been a strong supporter of BNI)Unlike the mainstream parties and UKIP, Liberty GB will confront the three greatest threats to Britain’s future peace and security, namely the rise of fundamentalist Islam, the hijacking of traditional British culture and institutions by well-organised left-wing ‘progressives’, and mass Third World immigration, which is rapidly cleansing native British people from their own towns and cities.Whilst there is no guarantee at this late stage that Britain can be saved, Liberty GB will endeavour to halt our accelerating descent into economic, educational, moral, cultural and social ruin.Liberty GB believes that Britain could be a wonderful country again, but that it will take politics bordering on the revolutionary to achieve this vision. Recent polls have shown huge potential demand in ‘Middle Britain’ for such a politics, and for a non-racist patriotic party willing to confront the terrible threats facing us.In preparation for Saturday’s launch, Weston has put together an experienced management team, and has already built a strong social media following – people of all backgrounds concerned at the damage being done to Britain by the corrupt Westminster club.Paul Weston said in a recent address at London’s Tower Bridge:“Liberty GB will talk about militant Islam and will talk about population replacement, which is literally genocidal. We’ve seen what’s happened to some of our big cities over the last few years, and the 2011 Census made it clear that we are not having some sort of wonderful multiculturalism, we are being cleaned out of our towns and cities. This is incredibly serious and it’s now reached the point – the tipping point, if you will – where in twenty years’ time all of our cities will be minority white. And when you look at the countries where the people who are replacing us come from all you see is violence, murder, rape and corruption. I don’t want that to happen to this country.”